Microsoft Windows 8 Declared “New Coke”

Financial Times has an article on how Microsoft’s much vaunted Windows 8 and its “tiles” that they have put on everything from PCs to their – ahem – “phones” and “tablets” (we’re being polite by calling them that) are an epic failure akin to New Coke.

Richard Doherty, analyst at tech research firm Envisioneering, said: “This is like New Coke, going on for seven months – only Coke listened better.”

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The combination PC and tablet software was widely panned by reviewers and has been blamed by some analysts for worsening the slump in sales that has rocked the PC industry.

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Pressure has been building for Windows 8 PCs to launch the familiar desktop view when turned on – and to bring back the “start” button featured in the lower left corner of the screen in previous releases.

Microsoft has also admitted to a range of other slips with the launch of Windows 8, including failing to do enough to train retail staff and educate potential customers about the new software, as well as not focusing all of its financial incentives behind the touchscreen PCs that show off Windows 8 to best advantage. “It’s very clear we could and should have done more,” Ms Reller said.

Ya think?

As a former owner of one of Microsoft’s Zune MP3 players (back when I was still a Microsoft devotee and willing to give them the benefit of the doubt), all I can tell those of you who got suckered in to buying a Zune, I mean, a Surface Table or a Windows Phone is don’t expect to be able to sell it or trade it in for anything of value when you are ready to upgrade.  In fact, you will probably be better off simply junking it than having to pay someone to recycle it.  To everyone else — beware!


3 thoughts on “Microsoft Windows 8 Declared “New Coke”

  1. This abomination was the product of Steven Sinofsky, who abruptly “left” shortly after its release last fall. Sinofsky is a Rasputinish figure that thought he was a design god and could decree forth from the heavens The Future. He and his WinDiv team took no feedback, made no changes, and blatantly ignored any and all criticism (or mere questions) during the entire 18-month development process. The “Building Windows 8” blog was a case study in narcissism. Anything remotely critical of King Sinofsky was deleted. The result is this putrid trash they’ve released upon desktop and laptop users in an effort to play catch-up for their mobile issues. Reportedly “upper management” is now decreeing upon WinDiv that a Start button and “boot to desktop” feature be released as part of Windows 8.1, but fear not, Julie Larson-Green, a Sinofsky henchmen, is still around to make sure an adequate level of Fail remains.

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