RPV Convention 1978, A Must See

Bearing Drift.com has posted a very interesting video of the RPV Convention in 1978.  It’s definitely worth watching.  At this convention Mark Obenshain’s father, Dick Obenshain, was nominated to run for Senate against John Warner.  Like his son, Dick Obenshain had  previously run for Attorney General of Virginia.  Later in the summer of 1978, Dick Obenshain was tragically killed  in a plane crash.  John Warner then took Obenshain’s place in the run for Senate.  Warner won and served in the Senate for 30 years.  Dick Obenshain left behind two children, Mark and his sister Kate Obenshain.  In 2002 Kate Obenshain became the first woman to chair the Republican Party of Virginia.  She is also a frequent contributor to Fox News.


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