Christopher Stearns for State Senate

Tomorrow the Republicans in the 14th Senate District will participate in a firehouse primary to nominate their choice to replace Longtime Senator Harry Blevins. The choices are Christopher Stearns and Delegate John Cosgrove.
Virginia Virtucon’s choice is Mr. Christopher Stearns. Delegate Cosgrove who rarely has met a tax increase he did not like, his support for the Governors tax-portation bill and his embrace of the healthcare mandate has made him far from a reliable conservative voice in the general assembly and does not deserve the nomination as a Republican for State Senate.
Christopher Stearns is the current 3rd District Congressional Chair, a small business owner and a principled fiscal conservative. Mr Stearns will be a reliable vote in the State Senate and we encourage all to support a true conservative this time around, to protect the tax payers of the Commonwealth.



One thought on “Christopher Stearns for State Senate

  1. Can someone tell me what small business Chris Stearns owns??? Just like every other claim this clown has made over the course of his campaign, the false narrative that he is some sort of young business owner does not hold water.

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