Sanford wins special election to Congress

I am surprised at how the blogosphere seems to have missed the pertinent lesson of Mark Sanford’s return to Congress last night.

Yes, it’s a highly Republican district (SC-1). Yes, Sanford has had some personal issues. Yes, he ran about 8 points behind Tim Scott (although, this being a special election, weird things can happen).

What seems to have slipped past…well, everyone…is that Sanford also had a political record, one of the strongest in the country on spending and taxation. With his election, he is now the first member of Congress to to sign the Reject the Debt pledge from the Coalition to Reduce Spending, a great leap forward for accountability on the spending side of the budget.

Last night was a great day for limited government, and a sign that economic matters are once again firmly at the forefront of the political discussion today.

Take note, folks.

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12 thoughts on “Sanford wins special election to Congress

  1. Sanford beat a Democrat flake in a special election in a Republican district. Granted they lister the Democrat twice — in a turnout election, she-of-the-hypenated-name did not stand a chance.

    1. Everyone wins Robert…………..the WACKOS win in sending soon-to-be Rep. Sanford (R – Appalachian Trail and Argentina); and the Dems win by virtue of the fact she only lost by 8 %’s rather than the standard 20% that Reps usually win in the Low-Life, i mean Low-Country district!!!!!!!

  2. If I lived in the district, I would have voted for Stanford in a secret ballot. He would be better than the alternative. But I would not have put his bumper sticker on my car. He’s an embarrassment.

    1. Light Horse……………your comment reflects what is already wrong in Washington…..and now you want to send us another one???????????? please, keep your dirty laundry back home……….in fact, LH, if i was God, i would disenfranchise you!!!!!

  3. YEP….why i am so fr…… excited i had this tingling in my leg when i heard that Sanford won!! whatta guy…………

  4. YEP, weird things happened on that spring evening……….Sanford and his soulmate won………………….

  5. What Sanford did personally is not admirable – however, it is of little meaning in the question at hand, which is was he the best candidate for office. Based on his past record in office there is no question – Sanford is a man who can be relied on to fight for the people, and to be rock-solid conservative when it really counts.

    The number of Republicans of whom that can be said is pitifully small – and that is why Sanford was able to earn himself a House seat. His constituents cared more about his actions as a public official than they did about his personal life.

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