Terry McAuliffe’s Greatest Hits (In His Own Words)

Terry McAuliffe must have pissed off someone at BuzzFeed, because they are just merciless on him lately.

Here’s the latest: (click the link to read the actual passages from McAuliffe’s book.)

9 Passages From Terry McAuliffe’s Book That Might Make Virginia Voters Cringe

The Virginia Democratic gubernatorial candidate wrote about his life as a Washington insider and money man in his 2007 memoir What A Party. He’s probably regretting some of it.

1. Saying he felt like a “caged rat” when the 9/11 attacks prevented him from fundraising.

2. Describing when he went wild boar hunting with European monarchs in Hungary.

3. Mentioning how he views Syracuse, NY fondly as his “home.”

4. Leaving his wife in tears in the car with his newborn baby while he went to a fundraiser.

5. Humble-bragging about Olivia Newtown-John singing to him.

6. Regular bragging about his celebrity-filled White House dinner.

7. Discussing loaning President Clinton the money to buy his home, then joking about how Clinton couldn’t afford a pizza.

8. Describing receiving a beer from the White House butler while waiting to golf with Bill Clinton.

9. Leaving his wife in the delivery room to go to a party for a Washington Post reporter.