Martha Boneta and Scott Lingamfelter: Standing Against the Tide of Liberalism

“I marveled at how this great Virginian, this great man stood up for me and all small family farmers — going toe to toe with powerful lobbyists, state senators and others. The other side called him every name in the book, but not once did Scott waver in his core beliefs, his principles, or in his desire to stand up for a fellow Virginian……we will soon be back to fight another day!”
— Martha Boneta


6 thoughts on “Martha Boneta and Scott Lingamfelter: Standing Against the Tide of Liberalism

  1. Ok, so I may not vote for Lingamfelter, but I stand with Farmer Martha and Virginia’s small family farmers.

    This young lady is the fresh face of the Conservative Movement. We have too many old white men and we need more young bloods.

    It takes a lot of courage to stand up against the mud slinging establishment. I respect that A LOT.

    Now lets get Corey and Snyder on board this freedom train.

  2. Margy,

    “We have too many old white man…” You just lost to the twisted racist mentality which the establishment uses in America to keep people of merit and of an American vision from rising to leadership positions at all levels of government.

  3. Doug, I could not have said it better. Racism and ageism are ugly, and is infected with both

  4. I agree with all three of you Doug, Robert and Margy. Let me explain, I am “an old white man” and a conservative. I think we do need to attract young conservatives in order to survive. This is not an attack on Lingamfelter. In fact, he has my vote. It is just to say that we need to be working on attracting young people. Just my two cents.

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