Tito The Builder Calls Stewart “Unfit” To Be LG

Tito “The Builder” Munoz, a prominent businessman and conservative in Prince William County, has a guest editorial over on Bearing Drift today taking issue with his county’s chairman, Corey Stewart, who is running for the Republican nomination for LG. From the piece:

Corey Stewart can use phony math, but we pay higher rates on a less valued property. Corey received Stimulus money and complained because he did not receive more for pet spending projects. Stewart talks about protecting Constitutional Rights but he demonstrated and teamed up with the wrong crowd — Democrat Principi — to abuse property rights.

Corey’s immigration policy is pure demagoguery with no muscle because his developer friends in Prince William County do not have to comply with E-verify.

In the end, we have only Talking Points from Corey and he is still UNFIT.

Head on over to BD to read all the ugly details.