Breitbart News Jumping On Corey Stewart Over Taxes, Campaign Tactics

First, Breitbart News jumped on the story, broken exclusively here on Virginia Virtucon, that the campaign of Pr. Wm. Co. Board Chairman Corey Stewart was behind a series of anonymous internet attack videos targeting fellow LG candidate Pete Snyder as well as mailers targeting another LG candidate, Scott Lingamfelter.  Now, the national news service, trusted by many conservatives, is going after Stewart for the county’s support for a $46 million opera house including $25 million paid by the county for its construction and $400,000 per year to cover operating deficits under the terms of a hidden 25-year contract.

One week to go until the convention.  Another week like this for Stewart like the last two have been and he may very well get knocked out in the first-round.