The Endorsement of Rob Bell for Attorney General

As you may have predicted, it is my pleasure to endorse Delegate Rob Bell for Attorney General.

1. We all live in a safer Commonwealth of Virginia due to Rob’s work over the last 12 years.

Because of Rob’s efforts:

  • life in prison is mandatory for those who commit sexual offenses against children
  • sex offenders are not allowed on school property
  • the penalties for those who repeat DUI offenders are tougher than they have ever been
  • peeping three or more times is a felony
  • underage possession of alcohol prosecution venues increased
  • the burglary statute’s building exception was eliminated
  • the venues for prosecution of sexual assault cases were expanded
  • and many more

And lest we forget:

  • Importantly, Rob led the opposition to one of Tim Kaine’s most despicable final acts as Governor on his last day in office — the transfer of convicted murderer Jens Soering:

2. Rob is an economic conservative.

Rob voted:

  • against the ’04 Warner tax hikes
  • against Virginia’s death tax
  • against raising the debt ceiling in Virginia.  In fact, he was one of only 4 Republicans in the legislature to — while we fought a bitter battle with Democrats over the debt ceiling in Washington in 2011 —  vote down HB2527 which raised the Virginia debt ceiling.  Mark Obenshain voted to raise the debt ceiling. 
  • against the 2013 Transportation tax increase
  • against the 2013 Budget
  • against the creation of MIRC

3. The impact of Rob‘s legislative record is extremely impressive.

In 2007, Rob and future Governor Ken Cuccinelli wrote the Eminent Domain amendment to the Virginia Constitution which by referendum passed overwhelmingly last November. In addition to recognizing property rights as fundamental in the Commonwealth, this important amendment ensures that the case of Kelo – government taking private property to build commercial development for a so called public purpose — never happens here in Virginia.

Following the tragic mass shooting at Virginia Tech, Rob chaired Virginia’s Commission on Mental Health Law Reform which has achieved some important legislation including requiring public universities to notify parents of students who are a danger to themselves or others and revising the commitment standard by replacing “imminent danger” with “substantial likelihood of serious bodily harm.”   This has made it easier to oversee the treatment of the mentally ill who are dangers to themselves or others.

Rob has long been a proponent of school choice and homeschooling.  Rob patroned a bill to expand Virginia’s homeschooling law to cover those parents without a college degree.  He has also continued to propose legislation — “the Tebow bill” — that would allow homeschool students to play sports at their local high schools which recently passed the House.  Rob also supports school choice for public school students. In 2012, he co-patroned a bill to create tax credits for scholarships for students to attend private schools. He also supports expansion of Virginia’s charter schools law.

4. Notable Intangibles, Endorsements & Scorecards

  • Rob Bell is an Eagle Scout
  • Virginia Chamber of Commerce – Highest Numerical Score (96%)   /  Obenshain (95%)
  • Martha Boneta Endorsed Rob Bell
  • Dick Heller (DC v. Heller) Endorsed Rob Bell
  • Bob Wilson Endorsed Rob Bell
  • Dave Foster Endorsed Rob Bell
  • Virginia Tea Party Patriots 2013 Scorecard (95%)  /  Obenshain (70%)
  • Tertium Quids 2013 Scorecard (100%)  /  Obenshain (85%)
  • Straw Poll Wins: Manassas, Montross, Hampton Roads Tea Parties, Chesterfield Lincoln Reagan Dinner

5. As you may have noticed, Rob is a tenacious campaigner and he will win in November.

Rob Bell has outraised his opponent — by a substantial (over 2-1) margin.   This is important because donations are an indicator of a candidate’s strength of support and ability to fundraise.

Bell’s staff has been omnipresent across the Commonwealth to build and bolster a broad network of committed Republicans.  And chances are if you have seen two or more Republicans together — even in the smallest of jurisdictions, Rob’s campaign is on hand.  They have ceded no ground in this nomination contest and will take the same approach this fall.

It is my hope that you will give Rob your support at the Republican State Convention on May 18.  Rob has spent his career working on real issues for real people and this Commonwealth needs his kind of no nonsense, diligent, and conservative brand of leadership.

***The preceding post applies only to the author and does not reflect a sitewide endorsement by Virginia Virtucon.***


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