Prince William County Tea Party Member Endorsement of Scott Lingamfelter

From the “those who know them best” department…

May 13, 2013

Dear Friends:

This election is very important — too important for me to sit on the sidelines. It would have been easy to let others decided who will be our Lt. Governor nominee. At this convention we must get it right. Therefore, I am endorsing Scott Lingamfelter for Lt. Governor, to give Ken Cuccinelli a strong partner on the Republican ticket. If you are still uncommitted, I am asking you to give strong consideration for his candidacy.

Those of us in the tea party movement believe it is our mission to educate and communicate ideas, values and principles. Among them are a belief in limited government, fiscal responsibility and the free market system. It is not that I just want to support someone that shares the same ideals that I do. I want to have someone in Richmond who I can trust. Scott Lingamfelter is that person.

Here are some of the reasons I am supporting Scott.

1. Over the years Scott resisted the pressure to vote for tax increases by voting NO. NO to the Warner and Kaine taxes. Voting NO on the recent Transportation bill that will raise your taxes by 6 Billion dollars.

2. Scott fought for eight years to audit State government. In 2009 the Audit Bill was signed by the Governor. Virginia benefited from the $1.4 billion uncovered in the Transportation Department.

3. As an elected official representing Prince William County Scott put the best interests of the first. He has, indeed, been a responsive representative.

4. Scott supported the Prince William County Tea Party Patriots. He was there when we put out the call for an elected official who could help us make some sense out of the workings of the General Assembly. He was willing to guide our members on how to be effective citizen lobbyists. He supported tea party during their Lobby Day activities.

5. Scott was the patron and championed tea party education legislation. He helped us move the legislation through the writing and committee processes. This was legislation written to achieve balance into the Standards of Learning and correct flaws in our text books and classroom materials.

6. In 2012, Scott answered the call when the Virginia Tea Party Patriots Federation needed support to kill two bad pieces of legislation covering longitudinal data.

7. He has demonstrated consistent leadership and support of law enforcement and our Commonwealth attorneys.

Scott is a principled conservative. He is motivated by the values and ideals that we tea party members hold dearly.

Please support Scott on May 18th. If he is not your first choice please make him your second round choice.


Yale Schiffman,
Prince William County Tea Party Patriots (organization listed for identification purposes)
Eye on Virginia Education (organization listed for identification purposes)
Former Vice Chair, Virginia Tea Party Patriots Federation (organization listed for identification purposes)

Something that delegates should look for at the convention on Saturday — how does Prince William County vote in the LG race. That will tell you where the wind is blowing.