(Minnesotans for) Virginians for Limited Government

If you are a delegate to the Republican Party of Virginia convention this weekend, you no doubt have been inundated with mailers.  One group sending mailers is called Virginians for Limited Government.    That’s an awfully funny name for a group whose President lives in Duluth, MN.

Why, oh why, would someone from Minnesota be so interested in the Virginia Lt. Governor’s race?


7 thoughts on “(Minnesotans for) Virginians for Limited Government

  1. I get it. You don’t support Corey Stewart. Fine. Vote for someone else, but the fact that you continually look under the bed for a boogie man is a bit much. There ARE explanations for each of your cute accusations that satisfy me. Can’t wait for Saturday night. I think there will be a few cocktails waiting for me when I finally get back to NoVA…no matter how late!!

    1. We don’t need to look under the bed for the boogeyman, he lives in Minnesota. Your explanations would be very interesting to me, as I’ve not heard any from the Corey campaign.

    2. Actually, I was a strong supporter of Stewart’s out of the gate in this race (in fact, in every race that he’s ever run or contemplated running in going back to 2003 when he was going to run for State Senate against Toddy Puller before he switched to run for Occoquan Supervisor when Ruth Griggs announced she wasn’t running again so she could go to law school.) Accidentally kicking over some rocks changed all that over the past few months. I’m not happy about what I found.

  2. and the fact that the Treasurer on the filing report is the Vice Chairman of the PWC Republican Committee and a known Corey Stewart supporter.

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