Why I Support Scott Lingamfelter for Lt. Governor

The following endorsement does not necessarily reflect the views of other contributors here on Virginia Virtucon. I speak only for myself.

I remember meeting Scott Lingamfelter in 2001 at the Prince William County Fair when he was running for delegate the first time. It was a three-way Republican primary and he wasn’t supposed to win. The other two candidates were always mentioned as the favorites, but never Scott.

I knew right away when we first met that he was a man of integrity and principle. My gut told me that if others saw in him what I did, that he would win that primary and that is exactly what happened. Despite being outspent 13 to 1 by one of the candidates, when all the votes were counted, he came out on top with 53% of the vote against his two opponents and shocked the establishment.

I didn’t live in his district, but once he was the nominee it was his bumper sticker that I placed on my car that fall. Scott was supposed to have a difficult time against his Democratic opponent, but he won that race, too, with a commanding 56% of the vote. Democrats have come at him time and again, but he has never fallen below 55% of the vote in a swing district, even in the most difficult of political climates for Republicans.

Scott has the ability to explain to voters why conservative solutions are the best choice for them. He not only persuades, but motivates. He not only wins, but leads.

That is why I am proud to support Scott Lingamfelter for Lt. Governor of Virginia. I have witnessed Scott as a member of the General Assembly these past 12 years and know that what you see is authentic. It is not in his nature to let down conservatives.

He is the kind of plainspoken candidate who can talk to voters and convince them to see things from his point of view. Scott never shies away from his conservatism. Instead, he lets it shine through like a beacon to attract new people to the party who are in search of common sense solutions to the problems of the day we all face.

Just as Scott overcame the long odds against him in 2001, I am convinced that he will once again prevail in this race and help the Republican ticket led by Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli keep Virginia moving in the right direction.

Join me in supporting Scott Lingamfelter for Lt. Governor this Saturday at the Republican Party of Virginia convention in Richmond.


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