“Obama, the Uninterested President” by Dana Milbank

I know that most of you would never read Dana Milbank because he has been completely in the tank for Obama.  I share your feelings about Mr. Milbank, he has been nothing but an Obama sycophant.  Things have changed for Mr. Milbank, as evidenced by his article today.  It’s definitely worth a read.

Among other things Milbank says:

“He (the President) responded as though he were just some bloke on a bar stool, getting his information from the evening news.

In the phone-snooping case, Obama didn’t even stir from his stool. Instead, he had his press secretary, former Time magazine journalist Jay Carney, go before an incensed press corps Tuesday afternoon and explain why the president will not be involving himself in his Justice Department’s trampling of press freedoms…..

“Nixon was a control freak. Obama seems to be the opposite: He wants no control over the actions of his administration. As the president distances himself from the actions of “independent” figures within his administration, he’s creating a power vacuum in which lower officials behave as though anything goes……….

“President Passerby, however, was not joining the fray. Carney repeated Obama’s assertion that the IRS’s actions would be outrageous only “if” they are true. Never mind that the IRS has already admitted the violations and apologized.”

Things have dramatically changed for Obama in Washington and with the press corp.  The bloom is off the rose.  Read the entire article here.


8 thoughts on ““Obama, the Uninterested President” by Dana Milbank

  1. Is Milbank genuinely feeling dissed by Obama or is he really insulating Obama by making him look like he’s not involved? I think we all know Obama is at least tacitly involved, but it’s easier for the public to get over him being shown as asleep at the wheel on this one. Nothing is Obama’s fault. In fact, where’s W?

  2. Hi, I’m Dana Milbank and I am a recovering sycophant, especially now that MY privacy may have been violated.

    1. That’s IT Ed! Milbank didn’t care who the Obama administration targeted until they had the nerve to target HIM and the other elite members of the press. Now the press cares, A LOT!

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