Why I support Jeannemarie Davis

As with Riley, this post is not a reflection of Virginia Virtucon as a whole, but rather of myself as an individual.

Everyone likes to talk about the Constitution these days, don’t they?

We all throw out adherence to the Constitution, especially as Barack Obama seems so intent on flaunting his disregard for it.

But under the Virginia Constitution, the Lt. Governor only has two duties.


The first is to break ties in the Senate, and preside over the Senate. And to this point, let me assure you all seven of the excellent candidates for LG on the Republican side would break ties in favor of the Republicans.

But who can actually use the rules of the Senate to advantage the Republicans? Who can make sure that our Senate majority is preserved, even in the face of an obstinate 20 member Democrat bloc?

Only two LG candidates have ever been in the Senate and know the rules to help us here: Jeannemarie and Steve Martin.

But there is a second Constitutional duty of the LG. And that is to become Governor if something happens to the Governor.

Someone will, in a time of rapid change, need to make sure the departments run properly, the trains run on time, and that conservative principles are actually applied on a daily basis in ways that matter.

Only Jeannemarie has served in the executive branch, in Gov. McDonnell’s cabinet. As Washington Liason, she took a leading role in fighting Obama’s job-killing policies, and she sat in on cabinet meetings and reported to the Governor on a regular basis. She knows what the departments and agencies are doing, and is uniquely prepared to become governor should the need arise.

So, as far as the Constitutional duties of the LG, Jeannemarie stands tall, with experience and accomplishments no one else can boast.

That’s not all, however. We as Republicans need our LG candidate to do one more thing.

Our LG candidate needs to help elect Ken Cuccinelli governor and help elect our outstanding AG candidate as well.

Here is where Jeannemarie really shines.

Last year, we were all terribly disappointed to see Barack Obama re-elected. Many of us worked very hard to prevent that, but we could not overcome the deficiencies in our Republican coalition.

Translation: If we don’t do better among minority communities and single women, we will always be a minority party, never winning the “big ones”.

That means a Federal and State government that becomes more and more like a leviathan through policies enacted by the people’s representatives.

We need to speak our principles to communities who do not normally hear them- in their language, in ways they understand. And this, Jeannemarie has been doing for decades.

It’s easy for someone who has never stood for public office to make proclamations about what everyone else is doing wrong. But Jeannemarie was elected four times from a 57% Obama district- a district that votes similarly to Massachusetts.

Friends, for a pro-life, pro-gun, pro-business woman candidate, that is no small feat.

Jeannemarie will help Cuccinelli and our AG candidate talk to single women and minority voters to peel them off from the Obama coalition. Those voters will prove crucial in November as we are withstanding the brunt of all of Terry McAuliffe’s “Mississippi Money”.

THAT is the addition to the ticket that will pay dividends in November. The addition that will provide balance to the ticket and help us get the 45% in Northern VA we need to win statewide.

We need Jeannemarie.

I urge you to stop by her ice cream social hospitality suite on Friday night, and to vote for her this Saturday at the Convention in Richmond.

Yours in victory,



30 thoughts on “Why I support Jeannemarie Davis

  1. What connection does JMD have to single women and minority voters? I don’t trust her as the 20th vote on anything, her record on taxes and guns is horrible. Further, she lost her last race by running to the left of Chap Peterson and getting beaten by 11 points – so the claim the she is the “only candidate that can get elected in NOVA” is false.

    She can’t be trusted and there are too many others in the race that can. She is number 7 on my list, I hope she is out on the first round of votes.

  2. Well, single women and minority voters combine to form close to half of her district. The point here is that, if you put Pete Snyder or Steve Martin or Corey in that district, they aren’t winning it. She won it by speaking to the people we as Republicans don’t normally speak to, well or often. That makes a big difference.

    There are also some candidates running who have zero chance of winning a general against a competent, well-funded opponent. And some who have never won a race before.

    1. Wait a minute, she lost her last election by 11 points and you are claiming that with the help of minorities and womem she will win it against a potential minority D candidate? Ok.

      Who are the candidate with zero chance of winning against a well-funded candidate? I’d love to have the JMD campaign perspective on this, particularly in light of all the negative campaigning and claims of not doing it.

      I remember in 2009 the cries of “extremist” and “KC will pull the ticket down” and “he can’t win statewide”. We know how that turned out.

  3. Never been a fan of JMDD, but she’s been moving up my list (from last place, admittedly) as I’ve been discovering most of the rest aren’t any more reliably conservative than she is. Snyder’s creepiness factor went through the roof as I researched his background, Lingamfelter explicitly told me he didn’t want me in the GOP because I support liberty, and Stewart’s dishonesty on taxes is too much for me to excuse.

    With regards to the points in the article, I don’t find Senate experience to be all that important – I’m pretty sure the candidates are all intelligent enough to figure out what needs be done, and of course we have 20 GOP Senators to advise them as well as many other experienced personnel.

    As far as stepping into the Governor’s role if necessary, the takeaway from the McDonnell betrayal on taxes is that we can’t take the chance that the next Governor is going to be any less that absolutely opposed to new taxes. I really don’t see why this is such a difficult threshold for Republicans to meet – if there’s any common ground among all of us, isn’t opposition to taxes it?

    1. Don’t be fooled. I am supporting EW Jackson but there are 5 other options better than the friend of Bloomberg – JMD. I think Stewart’s ship has sailed, but the other candidates are qualified.

  4. I too like JMDD. I have met her a few times and have liked her positions on the issues. I also worked very hard to help elect Barack Obama, and think he will go down as one of our outstanding Presidents. He inherited an unbelievable mess and has gradually worked out of it so that we are returning to great economic and social world leadership. btw, one of my favorite parts of the Constitution is the preamble…………….”promote the general Welfare”………….a strong lynchpin to maintaining the great Nation that we have become……and will continue to be under the leadership of President Obama.

  5. Thank you LL…..i would go only to meet you!! Unfortunately, no one invited me and as you can imagine, most or all attendees would not want me to vote!!!

  6. We need Jeanmarie like we need a hole in the head. Your assertion she is pro – gun is
    110 % bullshit. Her record is not only terrible but is the only candidate in recent history to invite an outside political enemy of the second amendment into Virginia to campaign on her behalf . She was and remains a polical ally of the nanny state mayor Bloomberg. With all due respect your endorsement sets you among the naive . Wake up .

    1. Well Elmer, I’m not so sure I’d buy the story of a fringe group that thinks 70% of NRA members aren’t “pro-gun” enough.

      You can dredge up one video on one narrow topic that took place before Bloomie went nuts, but the fact is, it is not legal for felons or insane people to have firearms- nor should it be. Since gun show background checks were instituted, 16,000 felons failed them- resulting in almost 13,000 arrests. Now, I realize your fringe group may want to let felons and gang members and people like that have guns. I’ll stay with the 80% of Americans who do not.

  7. Spotsyhoya why don’t you tell the class you a member of the Bloomberg campaign, I mean the Davis campaign. You are a hack twit paid to blow smoke about a candidate who could not find her conservatism with a map and a team of sherpas . My opposition to your candidate is in concert with the NRA’s objection to your candidates political soul mate the Soda Jerk Mayor Bloomberg.
    When you grow up, start shaving and get your shit together, look me up and we will get you worked into the Conservative mainstream. Hanging with the faux Annie Oakley is not going to get you very far in the world of freedom loving patriots.
    Don’t worry, you are young, your stupidity might wear off.

    1. So, let me get this straight. I give facts and stats, you give half-truths and insults, and I am the one who needs to grow up?

      Wow, that one takes some cojones.

      I am someone who might have been sympathetic to some of your group’s issues, but the lies and bully tactics (like those you demonstrated above) totally turned me off. That is why you are a fringe group, whereas the NRA is a leader.

    2. Use your google machine and do some research friend. Your candidate is a Bloomberg lackey. You are her lacky. Therefore, you should be ignored.

    3. hummmmmm…i had a totally different experience….very conservative member of jr john birch society at 20…………..evolved into seeing how conservatism simply doesnt work in a complex society…………now, our nation works great relatively speaking………listen to your carnival barkers and perhaps you too may see the reality of life someday!! good luck

  8. I looked it up, she got an F

    Not sure what the attraction is here. She leans liberal on guns AND social issues. Her embracing of Bloomberg was a form of public political suicide.

    Then there are the votes fiscal issues … mixed bag at best. Virginia League of Conservation Voters gave her a 50

    Then there are reports of the 150+ registration forms that her campaign turned in, that where deemed invalid

    Then there are the reports of her campaign pay money for signed delegate forms.

    This campaign is looking about as dumb as a box of hammers. Davis was one of the smarter pols in VA at one time. Not sure WTH is going there, but it is not making sense from this vantage point.

    1. She just might vote for what is RIGHT irrespecitve of worn out labels…….that’s why this extreme middle wing well informed and humble Democrat might vote for her!!!

  9. Rob. Your question is a good one. It would be different if it were a two horse race and she was running against a dim wit. However, there are 7 people running here, almost enough people for a baseball team. Every candidate in this race would be a better choice than Jeanmarie. So, lets bounce her from the running in round one of voting so we can get serious about getting conservatives elected.

    1. While every candidate in this race might be a better choice in terms of their record on gun control, not every candidate is a better choice in terms of someone who can beat the democrat candidate, whoever that will be. The NRA rating of ‘D’ is unfortunate; if Jeannemarie’s only sin is to want background checks required for gunshow sales, I can live with that. I’m interested in a logical, unemotional response to this particular issue, thanks —

    2. I think you are missing the mark.
      1. This election is a turnout election. Jean Marie on the ticket will suppress Republican turnout. This is lethal to the chances of the ticket prevailing over the likes of Terry M.
      2. You write, “not every candidate is a better choice in terms of someone who can beat the democrat candidate, whoever that will be.” How is someone who has a rating of ‘meh’ regarding her fiscal voting record going to be a better choice?
      3. ” if Jeannemarie’s only sin is to want background checks required for gun show sales, I can live with that.” The trouble is that it is NOT her ONLY sin. Also, it is a whopper of a sin, especially considering the current political climate.

      You demonstrate support but you really do not explain it. So far you like her because she is better. You do not in anyway explain why she is a better choice. Many here have explained why she is the worst choice. You will have to do better than “because.”

  10. Rob, thanks for a measured response. I am still searching for the perfect candidate, and there doesn’t seem to be one; time’s up. BTW, I am thinking and hoping that nothing will suppress voter turnout after the 2012 tragedy. Jeannemarie’s past election results tell me that she can not only attract votes needed to win, but that she can also gain the respect and cooperation of Va. congressmen — which may or may not appeal to the hardliners (I realize that). I have issues both with those already serving in Va. congress, and with those who have no experience in politics. I like EW’s oratory skills and passion very much, I like Pete’s realization that this our positions need to be laid out effectively on the media/public information battlefield, I like Corey’s hard-nosed fiscal stance, I like Steve’s sense of service and staunch positions, I like Scott’s record and military service, Susan’s record, and position on the issues are solid, and I hope to find out more about all these candidates and the people who support them in order to make an educated and effective vote tomorrow. I’ll admit I don’t have the research on many of the issues (I’m working on i!), but what I am realizing is that many enthusiasts for particular candidates are focusing on single issues, and I think that more than just one issue is important. What IS important to ME is nominating a solid conservative candidate who is electable. You can’t affect change if you can’t — what’s the word? oh yeah, WIN. Let’s pick a good candidate and get behind them.

    Again, thanks for the thoughtful response; I am a late-comer to this delegate thing, but am taking it very seriously. I’ll keep scanning this blog for anyone’s two cents they’d like to share.

    1. Hello anyone home ? She lost her last election. She got spanked . Having been spanked while taking some silly positions as a “conservative ” her stock among those think beyond bumper stickers went in the crapper. Again , focus , think beyond the shit you are shoveled. This is your last chance get your shit together

  11. ok gstone, no need to drop a civil tone–you risk sounding like a dem! but that would be the F word, wouldn’t it ? Bloomberg is old news from quite a few years ago, isn’t there anything else you can point to besides that and losing the last election? I like her positions as well as anyone’s, so who are you backing? I’m curious.

    1. Actually, once a politician starts losing elections then tend to keep losing elections. The odd duck who can reverse the trend is notable. JMDD is not notable other than having the chutzpah to think embracing a statist like Bloomberg would win her votes in VA. Bloomberg is the face of the nanny state. He regulates smoking, soda, drink size and many other things. And yes, he bans guns.

      The 2012 election was lost, especially here in VA, because our base stayed home. McCain, Romney MEH! Serious MEH. Both are big government Rockefeller Republicans. Poling data indicating that in both cycles we saw 30 to 50% of conservatives chose not to vote — the choice, the real difference was just not there. Your statement that 2012 makes turnout moot, could not be more wrong.

      You claim to be a late comer to the process. OK. Stone may be right, you need to use the google machine a bit, and get educated beyond the talking points. I offered this, not as a criticism, but as an observation. The reason many vote for the likes of Obama is that they are uninformed. Welcome to the the insanity, you appear to have much to learn. Good luck!

  12. Well, what an interesting couple of days. Thanks, Robert for the advice. Interesting that the three candidates dumped first are currently serving in Virginia state politics. Heads up, Good ‘Ol Boys! The deal with releasing percentages halfway through a vote, and in a misrepresentative way was at best incompetent and at worst manipulative. Stupid Stupid Stupid. IMO Susan Stimpson would have taken third over Stewart.

    Disappointed in Obenshain’s last-minute WaPo clip citing an underling of KC saying that Ken plans to vote for Obenshain. Not an endorsement, and rather slimy. Thought both Bell and Obenshain were good, solid candidates, and now I wish that Bell had won — I think he has more integrity, and less political baggage. I’ll happily campaign for him in the future.

    Many of the delegates I spoke with were first-timers like myself, and were also having a hard time deciding who should get their vote, due in a large part to the nearly identical positions all had, and to the press being non-players where small-time Republican politics are concerned (since we’re all evil capitalists, we don’t deserve a measured evaluation, I guess).

    I feel sorry for anyone following Pete given the false information that his Army spread about Obenshain’s and Stewart’s endorsements. Really really nasty, crappy, slimy, irresponsible — I hope Pete will address it soon if he intends to continue in state politics. Wasn’t sure about him when I met him; now I know he wasn’t the man for the job.

    All in all, it confirmed what I already thought — politics is a nasty (yet necessary) business. It can be inspiring and infuriating, and if it’s done well, can serve the citizens of this country well. The name-calling and school-yard tactics of many of the pro-gun groups made me sad.

    And it’s a shame that, because you happen to be a white male, especially an older white male, you are not appealing as a candidate. But we’ve let society dictate appearance over substance; it’s the way things are at the moment. I’m pleased with the nomination of E.W. Jackson, and I hope that his message of Constitutional liberty resonates with disillusioned voters enough to get them to the polls. That’s what I will work towards to see that Ken, Mark and E.W. succeed in Virginia.

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