Why it is important to nominate a woman candidate for LG

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Date: May 16, 2013 11:50 AM

Subject: Standing with women


Vote June 11th

Dear Steve,

As Election Day approaches, we wanted to share with you more information about where Aneesh Chopra stands on the issues that are critical to Virginia’s future. One of the top issues for Aneesh is working to make Virginia a better place for women.
Aneesh will take a proactive approach for women as Lt. Governor. Read More »
Aneesh is committed to working hard to ensure that women in Virginia are respected and empowered. The success of our Commonwealth is tied to the success of women — and we must do better.
During his tenure as Virginia’s Secretary of Technology and then as Chief Technology Officer of the United States, Aneesh has always looked for new and innovative ways to empower women. He launched a program that connected expectant mothers in the Shenandoah Valley with doctors at the University of Virginia — and the result was a 25% decrease in pre-term births.
At the White House, Aneesh worked with Labor Secretary Hilda Solis to close the wage gap and ensure women receive equal pay for equal work. He also worked with Vice President Joe Biden and others to prevent and reduce domestic violence and sexual assault.
As Lt. Governor, Aneesh will stand with the women of Virginia and push back against Republican attempts to limit women’s reproductive healthcare choices. Additionally, though, Aneesh will look for ways to leverage innovation and collaboration to ensure Virginia is a state that welcomes and respects women.
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7 thoughts on “Why it is important to nominate a woman candidate for LG

  1. I am a woman and don’t think we have to nominate a woman candidate.

    Further, why would we allow the D’s fictitous talking points into our decision making process on candidates? If you want to combat the “war on women” start ripping apart their arguments.

  2. I support a candidate who happens to be female, but my support has absolutely nothing to do with her gender, and everything to do with the correctness of her policies and the solidity of her record in office.

    Vote Stimpson for LG – the one choice you are guaranteed not to regret.

  3. spotsyhoya, if Republican to start taking their cues from the mind-muddled opinions of Democrats, then the party is truly doomed. Back in 2002 the Democrats tried to run a campaign of ‘Me Too.’

    In effect many of them ran as ersatz Republicans. We like GWB, but … it is one of the few times in an off election cycles where the party in power gained seats. Your strategy mimics this failed endeavor. Yes. At one time GWB was popular. Amazing ain’t it?

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