An Angry Soccer Mom

Like other recent posts on Virginia Virtucon.  This is a personal endorsement of this author and not and endorsement of the blog as a whole.

Former Delegate Tom Gear epitomized exactly what is wrong with the establishment of the Republican Party.   Gear in an email to RPV Convention delegates described Stafford County Chairman Susan Stimpson as an “angry soccer mom” because of her disdain for the largest tax increase in Virginia’s history.

Stimpson was the first candidate for Lt. Governor that spoke out against the tax increase plan for transportation designed by Republican leadership in Richmond.  She has continued to speak out about the tax increase while other candidates agreed with her opposition to the tax increase, but would prefer to sweep the issue under the rug and ignore the fact that the establishment failed us.

Republicans are supposed to be against tax increases and against expansion of government at all levels.  This year Republicans even set into motion the ability for Virginia to expand Medicaid as a part of Obamacare.  Stimpson has spoken out and spoken out loudly to this tax increase scheme and expansion of government power.

Stimpson has taken to the label of Angry Soccer Mom as a badge of honor.  If that is how the establishment wants to view women who speak out against tax increases, then that is the way it shall be.  The soccer moms of the Republican Party should speak up and speak up loudly when our Republican leadership fails us and makes it that much difficulty to manage a family budget.

Stimpson has fought government expansion in Stafford County and cut taxes every year she has been in office.  In Stafford County she has led efforts to cut real estate taxes three years in a row, repeal BPOL, taxes on boats, and tool and machinery taxes.  The results of Republicans governing as conservatives is unquestionable.  In Stafford County the bond rating has been upgraded, government bureaucracy has been cut to 2004 levels and economic growth is booming.

The delegates of the Republican Party Convention would be wise to nominate “Angry Soccer Mom” Stimpson.  She will continue to use anger and disdain for higher taxes to fight for the family budget.  She will fight government growth and overreach and prove the miracle of Stafford County is no fluke.