UPDATED: Bobby Jindal Is Surprise Guest Speaker at RPV Convo


LA Gov. Bobby Jindal has made a surprise appearance at the RPV Convention.


PWC, Stafford and Loudoun are all in the nosebleed seats on one side while Fairfax is on the other. Horrible acoustics in the Richmond Coliseum.

Lots of Stewart staffers handing out stickers and signs outside, but few takers. Still has a lot of people supporting him, no doubt from the ridiculous Middle Resolution endorsement. In fact, sitting in my seat, I received a robocall from a “founding member” of the group. (Sorry, I don’t follow the advice of Johnny Come Latelys to the movement.)

Impressive showing by Stimpson staff. Lots of signs and people wearing stickers. If she is in the final three, watch out.

Hard to find Lingamfelter staff giving out stickers and signs they have posted. I can’t believe his campaign out raised Stimpsons because it appears she got the better bang for her buck.

A resident of Woodbridge in PWC just walked through our delegation handing out a flier hitting Corey on his ties to developers and includes VPAP campaign finance filings. Bill Petrak is not supporting nor working for any campaign, but wants everyone to know Stewart is not the conservative he portrays himself to be.

Will update as events warrant throughout the day.

UPDATE 1: Speeches started. Allen West nominated Lingamfelter. Ollie North nominating Snyder now.

JMD had a video intro w/ a small Darrell Issa clip. EW Jackson dispensed with everything and too the stage immediately.

Stewart walks onstage to Europe’s “The Final Countdown.” All I can think of is the show “Arrested Development” and how GOB Bluth (the magician) used that.

1:46 pm Voting has begun. LG Candidate Scott Lingamfelter casts his ballot.



9 thoughts on “UPDATED: Bobby Jindal Is Surprise Guest Speaker at RPV Convo

    1. sorry for offending you. (I was a member of the Young Americans for Freedom…..some called us baby birchers)

    2. No worries, you ask a lot of questions. Keep the questions, causing the rest of us to wander headlong into our biases is good for the community. Spouting trollish opinions reflects more on you than those you do not appreciate.

  1. i guess that is why i like myself so much……..so nice to be right so often…….well, enjoy allen, ollie and darrell toniight………..whatta team..tell me with whom you associate and i will tell you who you are……………ps….dont forget to check under your bed tonight to make sure there are no commies under there!!!! hohohohoh

    1. I will get you a tin foil hat. You need it. While you are it, get the fluoride out of your drinking water. One last thing, don’t play Russian roulette, especially with a 1911. This is public health announcement. Ken will now return to his normally scheduled broadcast. God help us all.

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