RPV Convention 2013 Results

After the first round of balloting:

Jackson, Stimpson, Stewart, Snyder, Lingamfelter in that order in the LG contest. Martin and Davis dropped off.

Obenshain wins AG race.

End of second round, Lingamfelter and Simpson are eliminated.  First place, EW Jackson with 4,558, second place Snyder with 2066, third place is Stewart with 2008.  Third round of balloting now.

Results of third round of balloting, Corey Stewart is out.  Last round of balloting coming up, Jackson vs. Snyder.  We may be out of here by 11:00.

Jackson won the third ballot with 49.7%.  He was short just 36 weighted votes. Snyder had 30.6% of the vote and Corey had 19.7%

JACKSON WINS!  The grassroots have prevailed!



18 thoughts on “RPV Convention 2013 Results

    1. Russ, the original RPV announcement to the Convo made it sound that she was 4th and not 2nd (and I heard they even tweeted that out as a result.) Expect to hear more about this and precisely how that had a HUGE impact in round 2 of voting.

  1. Nope, it’s fear. Will the establishment candidate win or will the grassroots candidate pull it out? Will the establishment’s candidate with all the money from across the US, pull it out or will the grassroot’s candidate, with very little money, prevail? I’m hoping it’s Jackson, the people’s candidate. But I’m hearing the establishment pols are pulling out all the stops against Jackson. Sad. Once again, the establishment republicans are ignoring the will of the people.

    1. It’s a good day to be a Republican in VA. I’ve really liked EW since his Senate run. I hope this is a lesson to those who rate the candidates chances based on their fundraising. The grassroots Republicans got to choose who they wanted, rather than having the Democrats cross over and pick the candidate they think they can most easily beat. It’s a thing of beauty to see that the country club class could not beat the will of the people. For those crying and already attacking Jackson because their guy/gal didn’t prevail, get over yourselves, the majority of the people made the choice, and that is how it is supposed to be.

  2. Lingamfelter was where you indicated above…until they weighted the vote calculations, at which point he moved from 5th spot to third (behind Stimpson.)
    I voted for EW in the first ballot to keep him in the running. Evidently, he didn’t need the help.
    I sat the 2nd ballot out to give Scott some time to catch up, and by the third ballot, I saw the inevitable…..and helped it along.

    1. Thank you. Lingamfelter and Jackson were my two choices. I would have been happy with either. Thank you for helping us to have a great choice to work for and support in November.

  3. Good try Monk……………wish i was there to help!!!! we still have openings for a few well-informed political observers in the majority party……..i would recommend you highly although you would need an attitude adjustment…….i was seriously considering voting for Scott or JMMD in november!!!!

  4. JMDD was a travesty, and hopefully this ended her hope of ever trying to grab my guns.
    I endorsed Scott, but in the end, when he endorsed Snyder, I departed his effort and went straight for the best conservative in the lot…and one who will never deviate from his course. He actually mirrors Cuccenelli in that regard. You don’t have to agree with all of their positions, but you’ll never be surprised by one of their votes, either.
    Ken — we have what is called a “credential committee” to keep malicious jackasses out of the process. If you’ve ever given money to a democrat– you are DISQAUALIFIED from registering and casting a ballot in this process. You can only attend and watch.

    1. ohhhhhhh you guys are soooooooooooo democratic…….no wonder you are all losers election-wise!!!!

    2. The rule is considerably more liberal than that. The short version is that if you are a participant in another party’s nominating processes during the current electoral cycle, then you can’t participate as a delegate in the GOP’s nominating process. It’s effectively the same rule that makes it so you can’t vote in both Dem and GOP primaries in the same year.

  5. Alexis, you are mistaken. Read one of the Call’s particular qualifications. There IS what is called “the redemption clause” included in the official Call. You are allowed to vote in a Dem primary once…..provided you never do it again. It is only good for one exception. and it stopped after a particular date, too.

  6. The same CAll allows for the Credentials committee TO SET YOUR APPLICATION ASIDE AND /OR CHALLENGE IT.
    That is why we register so early for these. If you wish to challenge the expulsion of your intent, you’ll still have time to accomplish that before the actual event.

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