Dem/WaPo attacks on Jackson dishonest, unbecoming, and wrong

In any election year, you get dirty pool and negative attacks. It’s not right, and it turns people off from politics in general, but this is what we have to deal with.

EW Jackson’s amazing win at the RPV Convention on Saturday was inspired, and he has strived for two years to unite and expand the party behind core liberty principles.

It took the Virginia Dems all of about 3 minutes to show us what THEY are all about. Keep in mind, this is supposedly the party of civil rights and who talk a good game to black folks when it’s election time.

First, State Sen. Ralph Northam:

“I know it’s hard to believe that’s even possible. E.W. Jaickson (sic) is the most extreme tea party candidate to ever run on a major party ticket for statewide office in Virginia.”

“The Cuccinelli/Jackson ticket would prevent Medicaid expansion and enforce the medically irrelevant TRAP regulations that will shut down women’s health clinics across the Commonwealth.”

(note here that Northam couldn’t even be bothered to spell EW’s last name correctly. And that he apparently wants abortion clinics to be unsanitary, unregulated, and to basically to give monsters like Kermit Gosnell a free pass.)

Then, Aneesh Chopra:

“Jackson was selected after 5 rounds of voting by some 8,000 convention attendees. The fact that so few people attended the convention says a lot about how inviting the Republican Party in Virginia is right now. I know that come November, the voters of Virginia will reject Jackson and his extreme agenda.”

(Aneesh also couldn’t be bothered to get his facts right; there were four rounds of voting, not five. More on him later)

The aptly named Sen. Dick Saslaw (D-Fairfax):

Saslaw decried the past “crazy” statements that Jackson has made says and a laundry list of past troublesome financial deals will cause the nominee to withdraw. “The media will be following him around and all this will come out,” Saslaw said. “He called Planned Parenthood a bigger affront to the African American Community than the KKK, as one example [of bizarre statements].”

(again, more “crazy” focus on divisive social issues from the Dems. Apparently they really want more Kermit Gosnells in VA. Plus, how would an old white guy from Fairfax know anything about threats from the African American community?)

The Fairfax Democrat Party Apparatchik:

“We cannot allow these fanatics to take office,” Cesar del Aguila, who heads the Fairfax County Democratic Committee, said in a statement Sunday. He said Cuccinelli and the others hew to the “extreme right” on gun control, health care, immigration and women’s rights.”

(no one who supports Obama and Obamacare has any right to call anyone else a “fanatic”. You lost that right, sorry.)

Then, the inspiring and uplifting EW Jackson responded in his characteristic fashion:

“I think people always try to put that in the context of being hateful and it’s not,” he said. “It’s a particular worldview that every Christian for the most part who goes to church across this commonwealth shares: that marriage should be between one man and one woman. And anything else is an attempt to redefine an institution that really can’t be redefined. But I also like to let gay folks know that that same religious faith requires that you care about everybody, regardless. . . . It’s about religious principles, but never, ever about hatred or bigotry.”

Why is this happening?

For party hacks like the WaPo, Saslaw and Northam, the usual “extreme” labels fly. They flew at McDonnell, Bolling, and Cuccinelli in 2009 too. They didn’t stick for two reasons: 1. The ticket was not extreme, and most Virginians share their views; and 2. The Democrat ticket, and their allies in DC, were far more extreme.

Now, Aneesh Chopra is not a party hack, and I have never known him to be a negative person. He should however disavow the mean spirited, borderline racist advice of his consultants and pledge to run a clean campaign- which would accentuate his strengths and provide a real contrast with Northam’s slimy tactics.

How will this affect the general election?

You may remember in the opening days of the Obama Recession in 2009, when families were hurting like never before, how Dem nominee Creigh Deeds wanted to focus on…. Abortion? As if families could eat and be housed by abortions. He earned scorn and ridicule for that, and lost by historic margins.

Get ready for round 2.

The Dem candidates for LG and their apparatchiks in the Democrat Party of Virginia are taking the same tact again. They focus on abortion, they focus on gay rights, they focus on divisive social issues. Meanwhile, the Republican ticket focuses on jobs, liberty, and competitiveness.

Since when did liberty become so “extreme”? Since Obama and the Dems abandoned liberty at the altar of the disastrous Obamacare in 2010.

They got their holy grail, and it has destroyed the economy ever since.

EW Jackson is a man for liberty. He is uniquely strong on linking the Dem candidates to their staunch support for Obamacare.

I did not support EW on the first ballot- I backed Jeannemarie Davis. But EW has the makings of a great one, someone who can use the office to coalesce opposition to Obamacare and help free businesses to hire again. That is what liberty can do for jobs- and why I proudly back him now.


5 thoughts on “Dem/WaPo attacks on Jackson dishonest, unbecoming, and wrong

  1. Every chance they get the race baiting Democrat party resurrects Saul Alinsky and turns their lying Leftist attack dogs loose. IMHO!

    1. Larsele, Monk, Anonymous – Jackson’s remarks are a matter of public record. I suppose you could agree with him, but he does make the most extreme remarks……..His campaign in my opinion is DOA, and he will also bring down the entire ticket….Jackson is a relative mess politically!

  2. I read the post and can’t find a durn thing about the Washington Post. Is there some mistake here? Either Northam or Chopra are going to run against Jackson. Their statements are about what one would expect and are not materially different that what Rs would say about the D winner if the sequencing were different. But, in fact, the Post does a pretty fair job of covering Virginia politics (at least as good as RTD, the nearest distant competitor).

  3. Bottom line — he’s a black conservative Republican and his very existence upsets the narrative.

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