More on the 2013 Republican Convention, why Pat Mullins must go!

Pat Mullins, chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia, must go.  The recent convention made that apparent.

Toward the end of the convention, after delegates had been in the coliseum for over 10 hours, Pat Mullins appeared on stage to chastise the bored crowd for making and tossing paper airplanes. He yelled at the crowd about the 3 massive screens that the RPV had purchased for $50,000 each. He claimed that paper airplanes could damage one of those screens and if that happened there would be hell to pay! Really? A $50,000 screen can be damaged by a paper airplane? Ridiculous.  Strike one for Mullins.

Just after  8 pm, the results of the 3rd ballot were announced.  The race was down to two men, Pete Sndyer and E.W. Jackson.  Jackson had 49.7%,  only  15 votes short of a win.  Snyder had just 30% of the vote.  That meant Snyder had less than a .003 chance of winning on a 4rd ballot.  ALL of Stewart’s delegates, 100% of them, would have to vote for Snyder on the 4th ballot for Snyder to prevail. At that point, Pat Mullins should have had a ‘Come to Jesus’ meeting with Pete Snyder to tell him that he was done, he needed to graciously bow out and not put delegates through a 4th ballot with several more hours to be spent in the coliseum. Delegates had already been held for over 10 hours, it was time to end it. Such a directive to Snyder did not happen. Pat Mullins and the other establishment republicans did not want Jackson to become the nominee. They had chosen Pete to be the candidate and, darn it, they wouldn’t give up on him!  Strike two for Pat Mullins.

After the third ballot results were announced,  Snyder’s team began passing out flyers claiming that Corey Stewart had endorsed Pete, followed by more flyers claiming that Obenshain had also endorsed Pete. Neither were true. Snyder lied. Corey Stewart pleaded with Pat Mullins to let him speak so he could tell the delegates that he had not endorsed Snyder, or Mullins could tell the delegates.   Mullins refused to do either, leading Stewart to walk around the convention holding hands with E.W. Jackson while holding up a Jackson sign. There was no other way to let delegates know that Stewart had NOT endorsed Snyder.  More on this story with pictures can be found in this excellent blog post.  Mullins made a big mistake when he refused to let the delegates know that they were being handed lies about endorsements from the Snyder campaign.  Throughout the convention Mullins seemed quite happy to take the stage to lecture the delegates about their behavior, or to prattle on about anything that struck his fancy.  There was no valid excuse for him not to take to the stage  to clear up the endorsement lies being distributed by the Snyder campaign.  Strike three for Mullins.

At 9:49 Pat Mullins announced that the results of the 4th and final vote was complete and would be announced momentarily. He invited the remaining delegates to come to the floor of the coliseum. Then delegates waited, and waited some more. At 10:15 Mullins finally returned to the stage.  Everyone was very excited!  We were finally going to have a candidate for Lt. Governor!  Surely he would immediately announce the winner!  Not quite.  The delegates had to wait even longer while Mullins babbled on about something or other. No one cared, they just wanted to know who had been nominated!  Some in the crowd booed. Mullins continued to talk. Then he invited the 11 republican district chairs to come on stage so they could be acknowledged and thanked for their work on the convention. By this time, many delegates had been in the hall for over 13 hours while Mullins delayed the announcement of the winner, over and over. It was maddening. Finally, at 10:23, Pete Snyder came on stage to concede. Mullins repeated delays were completely unnecessary. Strike Four.

Was Mullins delaying the inevitable because his boy Pete lost? Or is he simply in love with his own voice and party position? Whatever the reasons, Pat Mullins must go.  Now.




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  1. Jackson’s victory shows there is some hope the VRP can still be held accountable by the grassroots, Mullins shows how rotten and petty the powers to be in Virginia have become, I don’t trust them in government or in the voting booth. The time is right to reach out to Dems and Independents who have more than one brain cell, Ken?

    1. Well thank you for your kind comment about my one brain cell..unless your comment was aimed at the other Ken……who has none politically!! I certainly would not move over to what is called the current disastrous RPV!! thanks anyway……..welcome home, and good luck supporting the Bishop……………someone noted on msnbc.the Bishop makes Cooch look like a liberal !!! hohohohohho

  2. Thank you, well said. Its a good ol’ boys club with Mullins and many of the RPV leaders. Also recall that Mullins came out early and passed the blame for delays on the Center not honoring its contract and opening more doors.

    Mullins has guts behind a mic, after the fact, reactive and pawning blame, but when it comes to getting involved, being pro-active, if it doesn’t benefit his personal or his boys’ agenda, if it stirs controversy–he’s inaccessible, non-responsive or will pass the issue off.

    Folks feel sorry for Mullins because his wife died, he’s old, he is good at playing the crotchety old man lending excuse why something has failed–they don’t want to put him out to pasture (where he belongs) so they give him the benefit of the doubt and allow him to remain even though he obvious could not deliver Virginia for two major and extremely critical elections (God forbid we don’t capture this one).

    Here is another specific example of Mullins failed leadership. At the convention, regardless of who you supported, 90% of the delegates, thousands of people wore orange stickers from the VCDL–pro gun and against Bloomberg loving JMDD. A powerful presence of 2A support and JMDD was out in the first round.

    A few hours into voting, around walks House Majority Leader Eric Cantor with his little secret service escorts (or perhaps they were rent-a-cops in suits to make him look important). With him is Mullins good ol’ boy club member and 7th District Chairman Linwood Cobb. We asked Cobb [again and for literally the 10th time in several years] to please change the venue for his Republican Round Up which is actually a Cantor-based rally. This rally is held, each year, at an anti-gun establishment in Glen Allen, Va. Many VCDL members are from that area and the 7th District have, for years wanted to attend, participate and support Cantor and the 7th District but Cobb, Cantor and Mullins refuse to change it. We are talking about hundreds of supporters.

    In fact, VCDL has met with Cobb and the RPV on NINE (9) separate occasions regarding this issue and have been fighting Cantor on gun issues for nearly 20 years. Here is a Wash Post article from last year and a VCDL website on this issue

    Simply, Mullins, Cobb and Cantor thumb their nose at gun owners and refuse to change the venue. At the convention, Cobb told Ed Levine and I directly, “We have heard you but we like the venue and will not be changing it.” Then walked off to avoid any further conversation.

    VCDL members also privately offered to pay for the cost of any venue change, potentially amounting to thousands of dollars—to a gun friendly venue. As stated, they refused.

    I and others have spoken to Mullins directly regarding the issue, problem and solutions with no avail.

    Past time to rid the RPV of the good ‘ol boys club leadership.

    1. Very interesting Brian. You are so right, they need to go. As you have noted, the leadership simply doesn’t care about the rank and file members. That was very apparent on Saturday.

  3. The real scandal of the convention is the abysmal unpreparedness to count the votes in a timely manner.

    Also, the convention accommodations were atrocious. If you wanted anything to eat or drink you needed to take a hike a ways from the convention OR stand in line for 45 minutes to pay five times the normal value of whatever greasy junk was available. The free market was definitely not at work at the Richmond Coliseum.

  4. Although I voted for Stanley for chair, I disagree with all but the 3rd of these. I would add to the list that the temp chair or parliamentarian botched in that the vote percentages from the 1st ballot were not disclosed when the 5 “survivors” were announced.

    1. There are some that feel this was taken advantage of by th RPV to cost Stimpson some supporters. This entire process has been full of shennanigans a’ many.

  5. I was really hoping someone would fact check that $50,000 screen thing. He gave reason that the $50,000 could be going to a candidate. And does the RPV plan to give the candidates $50,000? I’m not familiar with how the money works.

    1. I think Mullins was trying to say that if a paper airplane hit one of the screens the damage would cost the RPV $50,000 to replace the screen. That money would be better spent going to help our candidates win elections. It was ridiculous.

  6. Agree this was poorly run, but am thinking Snyder (and all of his supporters and donors) had the right to see a fourth ballot. Also, Shaun Kenney is reporting that Corey Stewart HAD endorsed Pete but then wanted to rescind that endorsement when the Snyder campaign refused to pay $85K for it.

    1. Shaun’s contention is ridiculous. There is NO WAY that Corey Stewart would do something that stupid. He’s a very experienced politician with lots of money. Patrick Lee wouldn’t do it either. Shaun hates Lee and Stewart. I would bet the whole $85,000 that it never happened. I have to wonder how Shaun came up with that strange amount of money. Not 50 thousand or 100 thousand but 85! It’s absurd and not true.

  7. Pat Mullins needed to go after we wound up with 2 GOP presidential candidates on the 2012 ballot. What happened instead, he was reelected. Pat Mullins is owned and controlled by Richmond.

    1. Pat Mullins IS Richmond! He’s part of the whole good ol’ boys network that controls Richmond. They assumed that they controlled republicans too, until Saturday when their anointed one lost. That’s why Pat Mullins was so cranky! Now they’re hoping to redeem their boy Pete and run him next year for Senate. It appears they failed to get the message on Saturday that we do not want their chosen one, not this year, and not next year.

  8. When Mullins spoke about the airplanes and the screens, all I could think was him saying “get off my lawn you kids!”

    1. That is exactly what Pat was saying! The screens belong to him, and so do the delegates. Richmond is his lawn, he decides who can play there. Delegates weren’t behaving like they were supposed to behave. They weren’t electing who Pat and his Richmond cronies had chosen for them and it was making Mullins very cranky.

    2. That too was my thought!
      Don’t want paper airplanes? Quit treating the delegates as hostages. Keeping us there as long as they did was unneccessary and a waste of the delegate’s time. Next time RPV passes the hat i’ll be happy to spit in it.

  9. This was a generally well run convention. Were there hiccups? Hard not to have a few, but few were really Pat’s fault, and he has done more good for this party than any minor problems.

    1. Respectfully Willie, there are a lot of backstories and problems for years and simply getting worse. If you are just sitting there reading a book it may have looked and sounded okay–it was not. And, this is not a Mullins bashing situation or one where the food was bad, this is a huge underlying festering problem where the RPV is very very tainted with many of its leaders.

      That whole situation with Stimpson where Whitbeck finally convinced Mullins the first round was not reported in the proper order leading to false assumptions, horse trading, etc–very bad but very telling.

      Ultimately, with over 1000 votes more than any other candidate in the first round it is doubtful that any candidate could have beat EW, but there was a great deal of skullduggery conducted in the background that day.

  10. Linda, good comment!
    Brian, also excellent points. It’s not JUST Pat Mullins, it’s the whole leadership. They don’t care what the rank and file people want. They’re in charge and they intend to stay in charge. The hell with the rest of us.

  11. Snyder used money to no avail. The party leadership might have wanted him but the people and grassroots prevented the machinations. The Virginia Romney campaign including Snyder were responsible for that loss and him for his own now. Fancy footwork allowed him to save face but delegates were watching and know the truth.

    Jackson should but might not win, but his class and style will benefit the party and the process. The prospect of a Senate run by Snyder fills me with dread. Heard comments about it being thankfully the end of pork.

    1. The prospect of Pete running for something else fills many of us with tread. I sure hope we don’t have to go through this convention thing with Pete again in a year.

  12. Cool. More “RINO” witch-hunts. Sigh.

    As for Pete… LL we’re probably coming at this from different perspectives (I being one of those RINOs and all) but I have to say I didn’t like Pete when this began. I thought “why in the world would we promote someone who’s job was to lead “Virginia Victory” and you know…didn’t garner that victory?” Also he came out of nowhere. But the dude has been a class act in his campaign and he brought together opposing sides of the Party without really pissing on anyone. His campaign was above-board and respectful. And he was the first out of the gate with respect to unity & EW Jackson after he lost at the convention. Why do you loathe him so much?

    1. Because although he comes across as mr. nice guy and says he is an outsider and job creator he was the hand picked insider of the party leadership. People took to their beds in despair over the Romney loss and he attended Obama victory celebration. There is more.

      He made a good comeback but he did not run the clean campaign he would have us believe. He like many believes this is just about having enough money. The grassroots are saying we need respect and a hearing now. We believe in the Republican Party but allow us to win and show you how to win.

    2. Pete’s campaign used proxies to spread lies about E.W. in the delegation! I saw/heard it and THAT’S what cost Pete any chance for victory in our delegation. Aside from running a campaign like it was a high school election, “bring ten people with you to my rally and get some Pete swag!” Money can’t buy you an election when you have no real crdibility and that’s why when asked if I’d support him in ANY vote, my answer was “no.” I think that’s why Corey publicly burned him in an email today for the endorsement fliers…

    3. Yes, we in Loudoun heard some of those lies. Pete’s wife was lying to delegates in delegations near our’s. We heard her!

      You didn’t want some Pete swag? You didn’t want one of his “Rock Star Tour” t-shirts? Anyone over 16 thought they were silly, because they were. Prior to the convention I thought Pete was just an establishment chosen politician with no record in politics but LOTS of money from out of state. That money bought him lots of silly gimmicks and sea of young, paid, staffers. After the convention, I now know he’s a crook, a liar, and a cheat. The Richmond republican establishment chose very poorly.

  13. Some people were negative on Corey, but he was the truly class act on Saturday. He averted the big lie. A few people had acted on the fake endorsement. EW would still have won, but by a reduced margin. We know the numbers because the count had been taken.

    Questions should be asked who and what was responsible for the delayed procedures that kept people away from their homes and families longer than should have been. And, I think Mullins is a stand up guy, and tradition is important. He knows there have to be some changes. Eyes will be opened this year.

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