GOP hijacked by conservatives?

How awesome is this?
Via Twitter:

“Longtime VA GOP former Del. Vince Callahan blasts #VAGOP ticket as too extreme 4 most Virginians, says GOP hijacked by conservatives @wusa9


“GOP hijacked by conservatives”????WTF???   What party is supposed to be the conservative party?  What an ass!


11 thoughts on “GOP hijacked by conservatives?

  1. The exact quote from the RTD is “hijacked by ersatz conservatives masquerading as Republicans.”

    *ersatz* according to Merriam Webster means “being a usually artificial and inferior substitute or imitation”

    *masquerading* according to Merriam Webster means “an action or appearance that is mere disguise or show.”

    So essentially he is saying that the 8,000+ delegates willing to make the trip to Richmond to spend the day working for the furtherance of the party are artificial and inferior imitation conservatives engaging in a mere disguise or show as Republicans.

    Well since the insult was given, I’ll return in kind: Vince Callahan is an ersatz conservative masquerading as a respectable Republican.

  2. WHAT A BUNCH OF LOSERS!! Vince Callahan is a classic Republican political leader. He is the type of leader who, as long-time Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee provided judicious use – in a very conservative manner – of the sparse funding that has been Virginia’s style. He was not a wacko, everyone on both sides of the aisle respected him…..and look at his sad legacy YOU GUYS!!! i would sob and cry if i was him too…………but fortunately, you guys will all be gone politically in november!!!

  3. Vince Callahan was the Bob Michael of Virginia. (Which is about as bad as it gets). He was and is a loser.

    1. duhhhhhhhhVince Callahan was the VINCE CALLAHAN of Virginia………..i highly respected political leader and public servant. He represented McLean in the House of Delegates and was a confidante of Governors and GA Leaders for years when he served as Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee…………….not a loser……………

  4. Why would we care what two sore losers, Vince Callahan and Bill Bolling have to say about our party?

    1. Why would you care????????? well, for one thing, they both are career WINNERS………Bolling has won at least two state-wide elections; Vince Callahan’s election victories are too numerous to count………….that’s why!!!

  5. Good luck getting the ticket elected. The state GOP might be ecstatic but have you nominated people who can get elected? Moderates and liberals have a place in the GOP unless the party wants to marginalize itself.

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