Oh No He Didn’t! Yes, He Did…

May 21, 2013
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Chairman Corey Stewart: Why I Endorsed E.W. Jackson

PRINCE WILLIAM, VA- The convention is over. E.W. Jackson has won the nomination fair and square. There are some who are attempting to cast a pall over his victory and cannot accept that, prior to the fourth ballot, I cast my support for E.W., grabbing his hand and storming the convention floor as a united team.

Why did I endorse E.W.? Because he is a good and honorable man. Because he did not distribute false flyers like this one and this one.

There are some who cannot accept the result of the convention and are working behind the scenes attempting to pressure E.W. into surrendering his nomination, which he won fairly on Saturday. Hang in there E.W. We, the People, are behind you. Do not back down!


No, Jackson didn’t distribute false flyers like those.  That would have been . . .


(Yes, that is Martha Boneta wearing a Pete ’13 shirt after her first-choice, Del. Scott Lingamfelter, dropped out.)

Quit while you’re behind…


21 thoughts on “Oh No He Didn’t! Yes, He Did…

    1. Google ‘martha boneta’ or ‘boneta bill’ and then read, or go to FauquierFreeCitizen.com and search for ‘boneta’ and you will discover who she is and why anyone would care who she endorses.

      Here’s a clue; the night before the convention she was seated at a table with Morton Blackwell and Ken’s parents.

    2. Cease Fire Protocol – The word from above is to refocus blogging on trashing Aneesh Chopra instead of our own conservative troops.

    3. What kind of wackos are you guys……??? the word “FROM ABOVE”??????? i suppose Jesus is speaking for you? or is ABOVE coming from Rush or Glenn Beck…………you guys have such an incredible number of characters who you can call from “ABOVE” hohohhohohhoho…….maybe’ Aneesh is PERFECT? Maybe you should embrace him!!!

    4. Didn’t we make it clear on Saturday that we don’t listen to what Richmond tells us to do? I thought we were pretty darn clear on that! haha

  1. Snyder distributed the fake flyers claiming that Obenshain and Stewart had endorsed him. Snyder cheated and lied and he still lost. All the money in the world, all the establishment support, and all the lies, weren’t enough to overcome the will of the people!

    1. Corey’s press release here was undignified. He made it about himself instead of Jackson. Somehow, I think Jackson would have gained the extra three-tenths of one percent he needed to claim victory on his own.

      When you look at the time frames here, Stewart’s campaign issued the first false endorsement flyers. Pete ’13 did it the following round. Both are wrong, but Stewart complaining now is hypocritical.

  2. We are going to publish a recap of Martha Boneta’s experiences at the convention on FauquierFreeCitizen.com.

    She received an education at the hands of the Snyder people to say the least. I think there will be some interesting revelations, but we will see.

  3. Corey was not my first choice but I am grateful to have had the experience of participating in the Middle Resolution vetting process. I think it’s significant that the top three in that endeavor also ended up the top three at the convention. I was happy to support Corey all the way. I was shocked (yes, really) to see flyers announcing support for Pete from Jaime Radkte. At that point I left and drove home. I am much more Tea Party than Republican Party for very good reasons……if you need me to phone, knock on doors, write letters, Tweet and post on Facebook clean up your act. Otherwise I have fantastic grandchildren to spend my time with!

  4. This type of internal fighting and mud slinging is why we are losing.

    Ken Cuccinelli is not happy with this continued back stabbing and regurgitation of the convention on these blogs and in the media.

    This is political suicide for our ticket! Don’t you think the dems are eating this up and laughing at our self destruction!

    I urge you on behalf of Our ticket and on behalf of the GOP to stop!!

    Keep it up and you will diminish our chances!

  5. The people on the lets destroy Corey band wagon are just mad because Corey couldn’t be paid to endorse Pete Snyder.Pete wants to run for Senate in 2014 and guess who he’s scared of ? Pete Snyder is done stick a fork in him the truth will surface very soon.

    1. Dont you think that anyone who wants to run against Mark Warner next year is really wasting their time? You really think that Corey or Pete (whoever Pete is??) has even a minute chance of beating Mark Warner?

  6. Ken,

    Depends. At about this time in 2005, George Allen was considered a shoe-in for re-election. As I recall in 2003, Daschle was considered the heavy favorite in SD. The point is that it’s early in the process. Warner may win re-election in 2014. Then again, he may not. It is up to the GOP candidates to determine if they’re wasting their time or not.

    1. Of course its up to the candidates to decide if they are wasting time……..and its up to little folks like me to decide what we think……….Warner’s too smart to make big mistakes and unless he has a male mistress or takes money under the table……..he’s a winner in 2014…… and especially against the current names. I am right about half the time…….which isnt such a good batting average in picking winners………..

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