What’s The Going Rate For An Endorsement These Days?

Multiple reports are circulating that the campaign of Corey Stewart in his race for Lt. Governor demanded $85,000 in exchange for the candidate’s endorsement.  Something tells me that with E.W. Jackson just 0.3% off from outright victory that would not have been a wise investment of money.


11 thoughts on “What’s The Going Rate For An Endorsement These Days?

  1. I haven’t talked to the campaign but have you considered that Patrick Lee was showing his campaign leadership immaturity and was interested only in his self preservation with the “demand”. Even if that is the case, Patrick Lee should have gone back to his boss and leadership team and sought counsel before “yelling no deal” I don’t believe that Stewart would be worried over $85k. He could easily raise that from his existing base or even have Jackson help him retire it after the election. I don’t think that Stewart would tentatively endorse Snyder and then cross endorse Jackson from the stage. Too many inconsistencies.

  2. Ladies & gentlemen, (really) It’s over! The mailbox is not stuffed, it’s safe to answer the phone. I still don’t like the candidate YOU supported either, so grow up or shut up.

    1. And Larsele, WE will have a decent Democratic candidate for your consideration in November. Best wishes, Ken

  3. This type of internal fighting and mud slinging is why we are losing.

    Ken Cuccinelli is not happy with this continued back stabbing and regurgitation of the convention on these blogs and in the media.

    This is political suicide for our ticket! Don’t you think the dems are eating this up and laughing at our self destruction!

    I urge you on behalf of Our ticket and on behalf of the GOP to stop!!

    1. WELL, you got part of this right. Dems are eating this up and laughing hysterically………….how could so many grown ups f u so badly!!!! You guys make Cooch, and Corey and Scott look like liberals!!! I never heard what Jindal had to say………evidently, you didnt listen to the message he gave a few months ago. But i suspect you dont like his commie leanings……..hohohoho

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