Doug Is Just Wild(er) About Team CuJO ’13!



10 thoughts on “Doug Is Just Wild(er) About Team CuJO ’13!

    1. i dont follow your purported point Robert. MY point is that The Honorable Doug has had several eclectic views on governance in recent decades……………if Doug is now endorsing Cooch, the Most Reverend Bishop, and Obenshain, then I think that Doug has fallen off his rocker so to speak….what is he? like 90+ years old, saw the Black guy, and endorsed the ticket???

  1. Either that or he’s actually thinking outside of the box. Frankly, I think its the latter and I’m happy to see it.

    1. How about a moderate political observer questions whether an over-the-hill politician still has all his marbles!!!!

    2. This is the problem Ken … define ‘Moderate’ in a way that would be object v. subjective.

      As an aside, do you consider moderate to be some sort of high ground from an intellectual of ethical standpoint? Your sentence is a can of worms.

    3. you took the words right out of my mouth Robert..YES..high ground of intellectual ethical standpoint!! Thank you…….

    4. do not be so quick to thank me Ken, I asked a question, I did not make an affirming statement. I figured you would consider ‘moderate’ to have a claim to some of the high, it is a common logical fallacy, and one of the chief reason people become ‘moderate’ — so they can feel superior. 😉

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