How did your delegates vote at Republican Convention 2013?

For those who are wondering how their delegates voted at the recent Virginia Republican Convention in Richmond, the RPV has published the results, for each round of balloting.  Those results are here.

Looking at the results, it is very clear that Susan Stimpson (second in the first round of voting) was hurt by the announcement of the results of that first round of balloting.  The way the results were presented lead many delegates to believe that Susan had come in fourth, not second.  Pete Snyder’s staff and supporters immediately tweeted that Susan was in fourth place among the five remaining candidates and would be out in the next round of voting.  At that time Snyder still believed that Susan Stimpson was the biggest threat to him winning the convention.  Was the announcement orchestrated by the Richmond establishment Good Ol’ Boys to hurt Susan Stimpson and help their boy Pete?  Many delegates thought so.  If you look at the drop in Susan’s support between the first and second ballots, it would appear that it worked.  It hurt Susan and helped Pete.  Of course Pete Snyder was never able to overcome E.W. Jackson’s lead, despite his many deceitful attempts which included hundreds of flyers stating that Corey Stewart had endorsed Snyder, followed by hundreds more saying that Mark Obenshain had endorsed Snyder.  Both were lies, neither had endorsed Pete Snyder.   All of Pete’s lies, all of his establishment support, and all of his money, just couldn’t put him over the finish line.  The people prevailed!  It was a beautiful thing to behold!


9 thoughts on “How did your delegates vote at Republican Convention 2013?

  1. Wow, way to mislead the readers with the title of the post. This is nothing but another post filled with unsubstantiated (and some blatantly false) claims about Pete. But then again, I guess I can’t actually expect any sort of quality reporting from a completely anonymous blog. I don’t know why anyone actually wastes their time reading this blog. I know I’m not going to waste anymore of my time.

    1. Are you saying that Pete didn’t distribute those fake endorsements? Because I have them, if you want copies.

      The post is about the results of the Convention, the good and the bad. Sorry about your boy Pete. I’m sure he’ll do better on his third try next year.

    2. You should have been at the Arlington County GOP committee meeting last night. Our committee is chock full of typical insider Snyder supporters. They were clearly perturbed. Mike Ginsburg, who was on the committee running the balloting and annoubcements, said the whole thing with delayed ballot counting, no vudeo display of results before the second round of voting started, and the oddly ordered announcement of candidates wad all a “glitch” and wouldn’t happen again. It better not.

  2. E.W. Jackson is awesome. He is so extreme and so wacked out that he guarantees defeat for all he touches. Cuccinelli will be well advised to stay far far away.

    1. LOL! I remember just 4 years ago when we heard the same things about Ken Cuccinelli. He too guaranteed defeat for the republican ticket. And where is Ken now? He not only won, he was the second only to McDonnell in the number of votes!

  3. What’s your beef with Snyder? He’s a good person, just like Jackson. Besides superficial things, how do Jackson and Snyder differ, specifically?

  4. Jcckson’s been around more than a minute and half. He wasn’t put up to run by Bolling and McDonnell. He has worked for and supported our causes for decades. Jackson’s support is from Virginia, and not from unknown people and PACs from across America. Jackson has a record, and belief system that we can trust. Snyder may have that too, or he may not. We should be able to judge that better in years to come. One year as a republican in Virginia is just not long enough.

  5. Sadly, the most important fact that folks seem to be forgetting is that Pete Snyder would have won against the Democrats, unlike Jackson, Stimpson, and the other unelectable, extreme right, baggage-laden candidates who were running. Isn’t that the end goal here—to have aRepublican Lt. Governor representing us? We just handed the election to the Democrats.
    Snyder and folks like him need to be the new face of the Virginian Republican party if we are ever going to win office and move our state in the right direction.

    1. Winning is the only goal? I disagree. I’d rather lose than win with the wrong people in office. We don’t need more democrats light masquerading as republicans and passing huge tax increases. If we want that, we can vote for democrats.
      Susan is unelectable? Because she’s a solid conservative who has proven that taxes can be cut? Or because the republican leadership who pushed for Pete told you that she’s unelectable?

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