IRS can’t do their contracts right either

The IRS’ nefarious actions toward center-right organizations has had one unexpected consequence: it has kept attention away from the Agency’s appalling record in contract compliance.

Government contracts are regulated by the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR), which gets revised often. As it happens, according to Jeryl Bier (Weekly Standard), “Congress had passed legislation in 2008 to address high-risk contract awards” – a reference to cost-reimbursable awards, in which the government is basically on the hook for whatever the contractor says is cost incurred.

By 2011, the Congressional changes were worked into the FAR. Yet according to the IRS Inspector General (same link):

The IRS did not issue internal procurement policy guidance to implement the FAR revisions that were required by the Act.  Although the revised FAR became effective on March 17, 2011, the IRS has not issued any procurement policies and procedures to implement recent FAR changes for cost-reimbursement contracts.  Instead, the IRS has used the prior FAR and its existing internal procurement policies and procedures[.] [B]ecause no guidance had been provided, the COs (RWL note: COs is short for “contracting officers”) who we interviewed were not aware of revisions to the FAR required by the Act as they related to documentation requirements in the contract file.  One CO stated there was no communication from the Office of Procurement regarding any FAR revisions on the subject of cost-reimbursement contract documentation requirements.

Uh oh.

Sure enough, the IG looked at 49 cost-reimbursable contracts and found…

The IRS did not comply with the majority of the new FAR requirements for 46 of the 49 cost-reimbursement contracts entered into between March 17, 2011, and June 30, 2012, totaling nearly $47 million.

But the Tea Party groups are the problem. Right…..

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  1. Arent we making a few stretches here??? “The IRS’ actions”…………Shouldnt this be, “IRS’ Analysts, Examiners, and front line supervisors?” Not THE IRS….and: “center-right” s/b “extreme far-right political organizations funded by anonymous donors?”

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