Democracy, Open Borders, Multiculturalism–Pick Any Two

Headlines about continued rioting in Sweden reminded me of the wisdom of Jim Bennett, author of The Anglosphere Challenge: Why the English-Speaking Nations Will Lead the Way in the Twenty-First Century.

One of Bennett’s greatest truisms is the idea that democratic government cannot long endure in an environment of permissive immigration and multicuturalism (i.e., a culture-wide resistance to assimilation). Indeed, no two of these three things can survive the addition of the third. As Americans concerned for our constitutional republic and “little d” democratic government, we should look upon what is happening in Sweden–not to mention the recent London butchery–with extreme interest.

Case in point for Bennett’s arguments. Read them here.


20 thoughts on “Democracy, Open Borders, Multiculturalism–Pick Any Two

    1. Thanks for the hysterical response. Try reading the link. As the son of an immigrant, I grew up in the melting pot America, it is a better idea than the Balkanized and hyphenated America.

    2. im a grandson of irish immigrants and grew up in buffalo where men were men…..(Russert et al)……..i have learned that our roots have not a lot to do with our future…… a nation…..and we must change to adjust to changing conditions……..

  1. Ken, interesting that work camps, ethnic cleansing, eugenics, et al, are the first things to come to your mind. No, I’m not proposing anything of the sort. I’ll leave that to the Left. You all have a long history with those sorts of things.

    If you read Bennett’s piece, you’ll see it’s not nativist or xenophobic in the slightest. It’s a thoughtful take on what a healthy republic requires to sustain itself. I like immigration a lot, but we cannot continue with permissive immigration in a social climate where first generation students are taught that America is bad, where the Founders are discredited as dead old slaveholders (and their ideas discarded as fruit of the same rotten tree), and where any culture is just as good as any other. A multiculti “stew” is a recipe for societal suicide. I prefer to keep immigrants coming to this country, which is why I prefer that we chuck multiculturalism aside and go back to the good old fashioned melting pot idea, where our ancestors dropped their historical identities in order to affirmatively adopt a new American one.

    If you don’t think multiculturalism is dangerous, I invite you to provide an alternative explanation of the recent happenings in London and throughout Sweden. I’m afraid the Left’s standard narrative of racism and evil Republicans falls quite a bit short here.

  2. When did America decide that non assimilation was a good thing? And why? In the past people came to America and wanted to assimilate. They wanted to be a part of the great fabric of America. Why is the liberal government not supporting that?

    1. This i do not understand…….there are millions who are here and want to assimilate……..And whoever said we have a liberal govt? roberts, mcconnell, boehner!! what great libs!!!

    2. There are millions more who do not want to assimilate.

      They all have the same “path to citizenship” as those who did NOT come here illegally.

  3. When too many immigrants congregate in a particular area, ghettos are formed.
    Assimilation becomes more difficult, but the old adage “birds of a feather….” is true.
    The early settlers here did the same / ex. Polish in Syracuse, Scandinavians in Minnesota,
    Irish in New York, etc. etc. The difference then, I believe, is that the number of immigrants
    was much smaller than what’s happening now.
    Reading the real estate sales is very interesting. Names from India, Pakistan, Thailand, Korea,
    and of late, Russian and Slavic names. It’s a whole new ball game.

  4. This is time to remember what the flag stands for each of us.

    Just read there are 2 veterans (combat Vietnam & Gulf War I vets) who are walking across America carrying the American flag. They started in San Diego and are walking to D.C. in “Support the U.S. Constitution”. They said they are non-political & only walking for all Americans to support the constitution. Cool!!

    So I’m supporting them after the IRS/DOJ have been discovered to be harassing innocent Americans. We are not the ‘enemies of the state’.

  5. irs is still outstanding………i believe irs is a grandstanding effort by the do-nothing republicans in congress to block obama’s initiatives on gun safety and immigration……

    1. i’m sure nra has excellent gun safety my humble opinion though, thats not the point, as hare-brain wayne lapierre accurately points out, its not the good guys we need to fear……..its the other ones………, duh, lets arm everyone……….THATS THE SAD POINT

  6. “im a grandson of irish immigrants and grew up in buffalo where men were men…..(Russert et al)……..i have learned that our roots have not a lot to do with our future…… a nation…..and we must change to adjust to changing conditions……..”

    Note, first Ken cites his roots then he dismisses the importance of roots.

    Ken, I’m Irish from Buffalo too, but at Canisius the Jesuits taught logic, at Siena obviously the Franciscans spent too much time talking to the animals and not enough time in the class rooms with their struggling students.

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