PWC Thinks It’s Hip To Be Square?

Prince William County has unveiled a new logo according to The Sheriff of Nottingham of Prince William County. Over the past few years, both Loudoun and Stafford counties have adopted new signage as well. Here are the three for purposes of comparison.

PWC Logo




In the last week, even the Town of Dumfries erected new welcome signs that are quite classy and extoll the town’s virtue of being Virginia’s oldest town.

Exactly what the heck is the PWC logo supposed to represent? At least with Stafford the connection is clear and even Loudoun’s logo evokes the foot hills of the Shenandoah mountains that start in the county. The Prince William logo is befuddling at best and an abysmal branding effort at worst. If they want to go for a modern rather than historic look that’s fine, but at least don’t be so abstract that it means NOTHING.

And what of the cost? Well, according to TSoNoPWC, county Communications Director Jason Grant said it only cost $750 to develop the logo. County Economic Development Director Jeffrey Kaczmarek put printing of marketing material for his office at likely under $10,000. That does not, however, include placing the new logo on county vehicles, uniforms, business cards, stationary, and all sorts of other printed materials, etc., which Grant indicated the new logo would be used upon in place of the county seal.

Did I mention that the Board of County Supervisors was apparently surprised to learn that the unelected County Executive (who is supposed to serve at their pleasure and not the other way around) had decided on her own the county needed a new logo and gone ahead with selecting one?

No one can say that I didn’t warn the board members about this sort of thing before they hired Ms. Peacor. They hired her, they’re stuck with her. Unfortunately, the county’s taxpayers are stuck with her and her incompetent budgeting practices as well. (At least until the 2015 county elections when I hope there will be a majority on the BOCS with the backbone to stand up and fire her.)


13 thoughts on “PWC Thinks It’s Hip To Be Square?

  1. This may be the worst logo I’ve ever seen. What message is it supposed to convey? They need to write off the loss of $750 and begin again.

  2. Cant we stay substantive? Peacor i believe is an excellent, competent official who cares deeply for the County and its citizens. And observing her work over the past almost 30 years, i am sure she ran the logo by the BOCS. She just didnt tell everyone else what she did……..

    1. Ken, Supervisor John Jenkins — a DEMOCRAT — took her to the woodshed over this. She sandbagged the whole BOCS with this. She doesn’t even live in the neighborhood of competent.

    2. Perhaps you are a closer observer of PWC govt than i, but my experiene with her has long been favorable.

  3. too much time on their hands? almost $2.0 billion budget and 400,000 people in the DC area…………? i dont think so………

    1. Like? now we are focussing on the logo? Corey made a big deal of the 2nd amendment relative to COG (barf) Are those key matters? as an aside, im trying to get to albany next weeekend for my 50th graduation celebration from siena…….fammily illness precluded an earlier reservation. costs are up in the $600 range……..

  4. Are they going to make a move to redue the county seal too? I remember a few years ago there were complaints that the county seal has a tobacco plant in it. Complaints were around county emphasizing tobacco.

    They made the blue square move quickly. There are already signs at county entrance points with the blue square marketing. Wasn’t American Express’ marketing once centered around the blue square?

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