White People Protest Black Pastor

Republican nominee for Lieutenant Governor E.W. Jackson dared at one point to say “the KKK did not do nearly as much to destroy black life as Planned Parenthood*.” In response, a bunch of white people turned out in support of Planned Parenthood to protest him in Richmond last week.



So a group of white folks who feel that men have no right to speak on women’s health believe that they have a right to speak on an issue concerning the black community?

You’re not winning any hearts and minds here, Planned Parenthood.

*NOTE: While African-Americans make up 12% of the US population, they account for nearly 35% of all abortions performed. That means they accounted for nearly 423,500 of the 1.21 million abortions performed in 2008.


43 thoughts on “White People Protest Black Pastor

  1. You know, this almost sounds like liberal criticisms of the Republicans and the Tea Party.

    If we take offense to those, intellectual honesty would require us to not act the same way.

  2. “Frankly I had thought that at the time Roe was decided, there was concern about population growth and particularly growth in populations that we don’t want to have too many of.”

    — Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, NYT, 2009

  3. Planned Parenthood has pretty much outlived it’s time. Roe vs. Wade was supposed to make abortion leagal, safe, and RARE. 50 MILLION later that’s no longer valid and it’s a blight on civil society. It’s very possible that “social engineering” has pushed past the limits of common decency.

  4. Social engineering is people try to play god with other peoples lives. The end result has been poverty & death — the rate at which the collapse occurs being the only real variable.

    Look at China after the ‘Great Leap Forward’, or Cambodia after the Khmer Rouge drove everyone out of the cities into the country. In China 100M dead, in Cambodia 3 out od ten dead. Or North Korea, or Communist Romania, Populist-Socialist Argentina , or Socialist India.

    Cambodia and Romania are still recovering, and China and India became market oriented, and are now marching into modernity. Argentina is doubling down on failure, and North Korea is hopeless and starving.

  5. Why is the government giving any of our tax money to Planned Parenthood? It’s a private enterprise. Why it is subsidized by our government?

    People need to understand that what Bishop Jackson said is the truth. Planned Parenthood has killed hundreds of thousands of Black babies. THAT’s what people should be protesting.

    White liberals LOVE to tell Black people how to live.

  6. Funny thing is there is not ONE woman in the picture that I find attractive enough to want to be with to begin with! (that should piss off a few people)

  7. Also, i wish i was in Richmond to protest the “Bishop’s” comments …….i am delighted though that he is part of the Cooch Ticket whether Cooch likes him or not………..Bishop makes Cooch look like a liberal!!! Couldnt happen to a nicer political fellow!!!! you go Coochhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

  8. Reply to NOTE:
    It seems to me that one reason so many young black girls have unwanted pregnancies, is the fact that they are not educated and informed about birthcontrol at an early age, neither about where to get the aforementioned. Of course, it’s not OK to have sex at 13/14 but some of them do. The young boys who impregnates them don’t care.
    We must take a look at the question of sex and birth control education. I know, I know, you’ll say that it’s the parents’ job to give sex education. Well, that doesn’t happen very often. Just wonder how many of you new abt prophyclactics in your early teens. And, if you did, did you get the info from you parents?

    Once they are pregnant, they don’t know where to turn. There aren’t any pre-natal clinics in the inner cities that I know of. There are few organizations who care about the fetus, once it’s out of the womb. Wish it weren’t so. But it is.

    1. So Ken, what has Jackson said about PP and abortions that is factually incorrect? Or are you saying that you want to show bigotry the same way these womyn have?

      Ruth, We do a lot of telling kids at age 13 (or younger) where babies come from and how and where to get birth control devices. You would think that after the first pregnancy these kids would figure it out for sure (as you really don’t need a PhD for this). Ina significant number of cases, the “young boys” who get these girls pregnant are not so young; they are in their 20s or older. Planned Parenthood is against prosecuting such men for statutory rape so they don’t do it again (and again, and again)!

    2. I dont mean to be disrespectful of your comment isophonone, bu i do think your question is ridiculous…re: comparing PP to the KKK……..and calling one a bigot for not understanding such a bizarre claim!!! Think before you type……………

    3. You are soooo right Virginia……….Bless you for shedding and sharing the light………..

    4. We didn’t have sex education in the schools 40-50 years ago, and the teen birth rate was much lower — in both Black and White teens.

      It seems that sex-ed is failing. So your solution is More Of The Same?

    5. With many thousands of people in the US desperate to adopt a child, it is not correct to say that there aren’t people who want to care for the babies once they are born. You do realize that baby is not referred to as a fetus once it has been born, right?

      Liberal policies have destroyed the Black family. Is it any wonder that young black teenagers have no respect for themselves or their bodies? Why would they?

    1. anyone who seriously places “KKK” and “PP” in the same sentence needs to have their heads examined……

    1. Ken, I understand you are an expert in people who need a thorough examination of their heads! LOL

      So are you saying that the association of the founder of Planned Parenthood with the KKK is factually incorrect?


    3. Ken, but the founder was an admirer of eugenics and organizations like the KKK and National Socialist Workers Party. This is a fact. Typing in caps, or even BOLD won’t change this.

      Sorry it upsets you so much, but facts are inconvenient when they get in the way of the narrative — which in this case is the Liberal Lynching of a Black Pastor.

      You are sounding very liberal here Ken, are you really sure you are the moderate you claim to be?

    4. Liberal = Free………and no Robert, your analysis, in my humble opinion, is an enormous stretch. But, like your 2nd amendment rights, you do have your 1st amendment right to say and think as you please, as bizarre a thought that you may have…………..

    5. Completely sidestepping the thrust of the original argument. Yup. You are a real progressive. But Liberal = Free if you were a classical 19th century liberal I would agree. The problem is the today the equation is: Liberal = Progressive. Progressives are statists of the first order. They seek to control your money, what you eat, what you smoke, the vices that are permissible, they even try to control what you think. So no, today Liberal =/= Free, not by any stretch.

      One more thing, try not to change the subject, you are not fooling anyone with the “Oh look!! A squirrel” routine. Makes you look either dishonest, or dumb or both.

      and no Robert, your analysis, in my humble opinion, is an enormous stretch.

      Considering how you throw your opinions around, and much of what you say. Your opinion is many things, humble is not one of them.

      But, like your 2nd amendment rights, you do have your 1st amendment right to say and think as you please, as bizarre a thought that you may have

      Looks like you are granting me license. Oh thank you great and humble one.

    6. But Ken, Warren has a point, the numbers support much of what he says, Sanger was a racist. As eugenicist she considered darker skinned people to be less fit. She is the founder of Planned Parenthood.
      and EW is not the only pastor who feels this way about PP

      Margaret Sanger on African Americans:
      On blacks, immigrants and indigents:
      “…human weeds,’ ‘reckless breeders,’ ‘spawning… human beings who never should have been born.” Margaret Sanger, Pivot of Civilization, referring to immigrants and poor people

      This is the person and organization you are defending Ken. Keep at it boy, I love watching people try to defend the indefensible.

    7. Sorry Ken, repeating something over and over again does not make it right. The founder of PP was a racist, this is an historical fact.

      The policy has racial implications. African Americans are three times as likely as any other group to have an abortion. So whether it is overtly racist, and this result is by design, or inadvertently racist, and this result is an accident, the end result is the same.

      The result is an organization that was founded by a racist that is termination African American pregnancies and three times the rate it is terminating the pregnancies of Europeans or Asians. This is racist.

      Denial on your part is based solely on the the fact that you support abortion on demand as a policy. This does not excuse PP.

    8. It is what it is, and does what it does. Its stated purpose upon its founding was to kill unborn minority children. That is exactly what it does.

  9. Hey guys….I have a brilliant idea. Let’s make this post as racist as possible!

    Really you guys? Really?
    With a title like this we’re not alienating anyone….nope…

  10. rong Warren……..you dont really believe that Warren?? As intelligent and informed as you are……PP did not grow from such a beginning……..or has anything to do with killing anybody…………..

  11. You guys give Ken a couple of days to regroup. You’ve nade his poor head explode with all of your facts and undeniable (well- until Ken denied them) points in logic.
    One line in “Shooter” defines poor Ken… “The truth is what I SAY it is!!”

    1. I was at my college re-union in upstate new york all weekend Monk…..and am in utter disbelief coming back home here – i have lived in pwc for over 40 years and cant believe the wacko mentality………now about the Bishop who would like to be Lt. Gov……oh well, at least he will help to knock off Cooch…..and then the Bishop can also go back to Bishopland!! And the nutty gun advocates and planned parenthood enemies who equate PP with KKK………yes Monk..I A M RIGHT!!!!

    2. Ken, repeating your claim, using caps and bold only means you are shouting.

      Refute the claims. Demonstrate that Sanger was not a racist. Demonstrate that African American Women do not have abortions at three times the rate of the other demographics and you will have the semblance of a cogent argument.

      Right now. You are shouting a liberal mantra and demanding the rest of the world to believe you because you say so; over, and over, and over again. My 8 year old engages in this form or discussion. I am more impressed when she does so for as a child, this is age appropriate.

      Hope you had a good trip. Which college?

    3. Robert……..i see no words in caps. Rather than shouting, i am crying in disbelief at most of the comments herein. First of all, it matters nothing to me that Margaret Sanger founded Planned Parenthood……….whatever generation she was in. I do remember my Siena College Sociology professor railing against Margaret Sanger. Today, I understand that PP’s primary mission is woman’s health and that some 3% of its activity is linked to abortion. I am strongly against the practice of abortion – but for me, i have no say legally in the broad sense……and i have no say, morally, to tell and individual to have or not have an abortion. For me, that is an individual decision, and unless or until i have the resources to help the person out financially or emotionally, i do not feel it is my business to enter into her decision. I was one of about 150 Siena graduates who received a 50-year Medallion (those given to honorary degree recipients)) although i quickly named it the SB Medallion (Still Breathing!!). I also had a tour of the now Rockefeller Institute of Public Policy of the State University where i recd a Master’s Degree. I am happy to hear you are involved in your 8 yo’s life, and even if she is smarter than me , will grow into a prosperous and happy person!!!

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