[Block]Heads Need To Roll In PWC

OUCH! This turd of a logo is already (dis)gracing county signs!

The new logo for Prince William County, which is simply amazingly bad on so many levels, is symptomatic of a much larger problem facing the county – an unelected County Executive usurping the powers of the elected county board and a majority of those officials acquiescing to it.

I’ve spent years warning of the dangers of such a situation.  Now the results of this are literally on display for all to see as they enter the county.

Once more, let’s compare PWC’s new “Blockheads” logo welcome sign to Stafford’s George Washington and Loudoun’s Shenandoah mountains welcome signs.

PWC Logo



Heads need to roll for this.  At the top of the list are County Executive Melissa Peacor and County Communications Director Jason Grant.  This is just the latest in a long line of transgressions, but it should be the final straw for the two of them.  Just the other day, the story was this logo only cost the county $750 and was designed in-house.  Now we’re seeing it on official county signs already and learning that it was designed by David Castlegrant & Associates of Brighton, Mich.  That $750 is no doubt quickly soaring.  (UPDATE:  We are now hearing less than $10,000 has been spent, so a factor of 13 of what we were originally told.)

raiti05_Blockheads[1]Jason Grant’s inspiration?

Next on the list to go should be all the supervisors on the Board who have vested their elected authority in the County Executive.  Six of the eight current supervisors voted to hire Ms. Peacor and a seventh has since cozied up to her as a close ally.  Only one member of this Board, Pete Candland who was not on it when the decision to hire Peacor was made, has questioned her decisions and judgment.  Any repentence from the other seven at this point is a day late and a dollar short.  While I appreciate Supervisor Jenkins’ forcefulness now on the issue of the county logo, he helped to create the situation and empower Peacor in the first place.  Those seven all need to go when voters have the opportunity to render their verdict in 2015.



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