New PWC Logo Was Chosen Nearly 5 Months Ago

Here’s an interesting tidbit about Prince William County’s grotesque new logo.  It was selected nearly 5 MONTHS AGO according to its designers at David Castlegrant & Associates of Brighton, Mich.!  This begs the questions — who knew, when did they know it, and why weren’t more people told about it?

Logo Designed for Prince William County, Virginia

Posted on January 3, 2013 by in Design Updates

We are excited to announce that the logo DCA developed for the Prince William County Department of Economic Development in Virginia has been accepted and will be implemented in the coming months.

About the PWC:

Prince William County’s is located in Northern Virginia. The County’s borders encompass 360 square miles. It is a destination for families and businesses looking to locate near Washington, DC without the high cost of real estate and taxes. We are located south and west of Washington, DC and are bordered on the east by the Potomac River.

Within Prince William’s boundaries are the independent cities of Manassas and Manassas Park. Federal land accounts for approximately 18% (41,600 acres) of the total area and includes: Quantico Marine Corps Base, Manassas National Battlefield Park, Prince William Forest Park, Occoquan Bay National Wildlife Refuge and Featherstone National Wildlife Refuge.

UPDATE: How does a little-known design firm in Michigan, one that only has 27 likes on its Facebook page as of 5/28/13 and only a handful of tweets in the last year, land such a big deal designing the logo for Virginia’s second largest county and one of the nation’s wealthiest when their past experience has been limited to mousepads, businesscards and the web site for Mr. Sponge?  There has to be a connection to someone in county government here.  Otherwise, how would anyone in the county know this company even exists???

UPDATE 2:  Definitely has a link to county personnel.  Three of the employees at this firm are listed on Linked In as 3rd degree connections for me through one of the supervisors I’m connected to on there.  He is connected to someone who is connected to them.

UPDATE 3: And here’s our first look at the location of the design firm.

UPDATE 4: And this just in from a trusted source who is well-versed in this field:

Either someone called them and asked them to design one design, or they paid way more than that. Couldn’t get it at that rate if they rfped it. Responding to bid, or making revisions would have put it up to $5k


10 thoughts on “New PWC Logo Was Chosen Nearly 5 Months Ago

  1. This designer is pretty underwhelming. They have no graphic designs in their portfolio, no experience with local government, and market themselves as a “business services company” and not a graphic design firm. That they’d have ever heard of PWC or found out they’re looking for graphcs work is a complete mystery. What are the chances that one of the principals has some sort of family connection with someone in the Executive office at PWC? That might be the only way to explain how this happened.

  2. Michigan IS close to Minnesota!!! With all the print on this…..did anyone consider that the County Executive DID send this around the BOCS before releasing….did anyone consider that the County Executive would DARE to just do and approve WITHOUT BOCS approval? I mean reallyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  3. Since the logo (according to their blogpost) was actually designed for the Economic Development Office, perhaps you should ask Mr. Kaczmarkek as prior to his time in Kansas City, he worked for the Michigan Economic Development Corporation. Whatever the link, it sure sounds like Missy the Pinhead has some ‘splaining to do with regard to the $750 “in-house” cost of the logo. I wonder what mysterious budget line item actually covered this or where the invoice has gone. A FOIA subject perhaps?

  4. People in Michigan are really good at economic development . . .just look at the wonders they are doing Detroit!

    Bringing Detroit to PWC – what could possibly go wrong?

  5. I’d make that design for 50 bucks… gimme ten minutes with inkscape and I’ll have whatever overly simplistic geometrical arrangement with right-off-the-palette non-offensive generic colors whipped up for ya in a jiffy.

    For 50 more bucks I’ll put in an underlay of Corey Stewart attempting to sell his influence to the highest bidder on the RPV convention floor.

  6. My sources tell me that Grant has been working on this logo for a full year and that there was high end graphic design company involved for several weeks last summer. All I know is that the original design had a globe but no one liked it so they bailed. I’m sure the cost of the aborted logo design is not included in the $750 price they are talking about now. I think this is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

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