Michael Farris Endorses Dave LaRock as Joe May’s Campaign Goes Negative

Mike Farris, Chancellor of Patrick Henry college,  has remained neutral in the primary race for delegate in Virginia’s 33rd district because of his long time friendship with Joe May and with Dave LaRock.    As May’s misleading attacks on Dave LaRock continued to build, Mike Farris decided that he could no longer remain silent and said the following in a letter to the LaRock campaign:

…I have been troubled by some aspects of Joe May’s voting record. He is not a consistent pro-life vote. He has voted for many tax increases.  He votes more appropriately on other issues like parental rights. 

But I cannot stand by in indecision any longer. 

There is a lack of integrity in this attack ad that is so fundamental, that I respectfully suggest that it is time for Joe May to retire.
Anyone who is so desperate to remain in office that they will stoop to these kinds of tactics, well… in my view, it is time for them to leave.
There is only one way to stop dishonesty in campaigns. Those who practice it need to lose our votes. 
On June 11, please join me in voting for David LaRock.”
Michael Farris
Purcellville, Virginia” 
You may read the entire letter and endorsement here.  It’s worth a read.  Mr. Farris voices many of the concerns of voters in the 33rd district when we receive in the mail Joe May’s daily hit pieces.  They are negative, deceptive, and nasty.  Mr. Farris calls these mailers one of the worst that he has seen in 25 years in Virginia politics.   If you live in the 33rd district chances are that you have seen these nasty mailers.
 Last night at the Loudoun County Republican Committee meeting Joe May’s campaign manager Jon Conradi spoke about Joe May, followed by LaRock’s campaign manager Daniel Davies speaking on LaRock’s behalf.  Daniel said Joe May had a 75% approval rating from National Abortion Rights Action League last year.  He also pointed out that Joe May has voted for the two largest tax increases in Virginia’s history and May’s votes against 2nd Amendment issues.  For some bizarre reason, Jon Conradi was allowed a rebuttal.  I have never seen this happen at an LCRC meeting and I have no idea why it was permitted in last night.   Conradi stated that everything Daniel Davies had said was lie or mistruth.  There was NOTHING that Daniel said that was not true.  Not. One. Thing.  How typical of Joe May’s campaign, call your opponent a liar when he is not.  Then accuse him of running a negative campaign because he’s telling the voters about your record as a legislator!
Joe May’s campaign has been such a disappointment to so many.  That’s what happens to campaigns when they hire Corry Bliss as a consultant.  Things get very negative, very quickly.  I vividly recall that happening when John Stirrup hired Bliss in his primary against Dick Black.  It was the beginning of the end for John Stirrup’s campaign.  The nasty flyers against Dick Black turned voters off to John Stirrup.  Now the same thing is happening to Joe May.   What a shame for Joe May.  He’s quickly losing his reputation as a fair fighter and a class act.  More on details on negative Corry Bliss in another post.
Bearing Drift has also covered the Farris endorsement.  Dave LaRock’s very impressive endorsement list can be found here. 
Mark your calendars now to vote on June 11th for Dave LaRock.
UPDATE:  Corry Bliss strikes again!  Another day and another nasty, negative, deceptive, dark and sinister mailer from Joe May about Dave LaRock.   Why is Joe May letting Corry Bliss run his campaign?!  It’s terrible for Joe May!  Just ask John Stirrup!  Sad that May is letting this happen to him.  Not only will he lose the election like Stirrup did, he’ll lose his reputation too.  That’s just sad.  It’s not worth it.  Is it?

9 thoughts on “Michael Farris Endorses Dave LaRock as Joe May’s Campaign Goes Negative

    1. I received the flyers as well. Is any of the information accurate? I am a little confused by what supposedly happened. Can someone please clarify that for me? Dave LaRock was charged with going on someone’s property to remove a sign that violated zoning regulations? And what about the lawsuits, are those contrived by Joe May?

    2. Yes, the lawsuits were largely contrived, none of them went to trial. All were dropped. You can read about one of them here:http://thebulletproofmonk.blogspot.com/2013/06/continued-desperation-in-politics.html Most people who have their own business have been sued by someone at some time. That’s why all businesses have their own general counsel. Of course LaRock’s business was a small business and he could never afford that but Joe May’s big business could. I would bet the farm that May’s company has been sued numerous times.
      Here’s my post about what happened last summer when LaRock tore down the illegal porno sign: https://virginiavirtucon.wordpress.com/2013/03/03/and-so-it-begins-smears-and-mudslinging-in-loudoun-county/ For a more recent interesting post on the same subject: http://www.bvbl.net/index.php/2013/06/03/pornographers-endorse-joe-may/

  1. Mays voting record is pretty bad. He now has to defend it which he is not prepaired or capable of doing.

    The rebuttal to Daniel’s remarks was wrong. Chairman Sell should not allowed May’s consultant two bites at the apple. It was simply wrong and he knows it.

    The May campaign is indeed feeling a defeat heading their way. You amass a crappy record and at some point the voters call you on it. Joe should retire.

  2. Not sure why May’s guy was allowed to talk again, if that is allowed to happen soon it will be a debate, then a yelling match, then outside in the parking lot boys! LCRC Throw down.

    Daniel Davies may be shorter than the May Campaign guy, but he is scrappy!

  3. So you are telling Chairman Sell dropped the ball?

    The good news for LaRock here is that the denials are ridiculous. The record is public, the endorsement noted are public. The lie is equally public.

  4. The Chairman allowed May’s CM Jon to speak twice, before and after Daniel Davies. Jon did a rebuttal to Davies’ stmts on May’s record. I’ve never seen that before and it was not a good situation.

    Hopefully it won’t happen again.

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