Jenkins Readies A Smackdown On Staff Over New County Logo

Prince William County Neabsco Dist. Supervisor John Jenkins has readied a resolution calling for discontinuing action and expenditure of funds by county staff on the atrocious new county logo.  Jenkins’ resolution will be considered at the next PW BOCS meeting on Tue., June 4.

For all those hoping the issue will go away and they can move on from this debacle, they are going to be very disappointed.  Jenkins is doing the county a great service by forcing his fellow Board members to go on the record on this.

I just hope that the supervisors ask staff in public the questions that need to be answered including who signed off on this logo, who selected the Michigan firm that designed it, who knew that this decision was made way back in January, and why wasn’t the Board notified as to the extent that county staff intended to use the logo?



3 thoughts on “Jenkins Readies A Smackdown On Staff Over New County Logo

  1. Big John admitted at the board of supervisors meeting that he declined to meet with Jason about the logo. In my opinion he is partially responsible for the situation we are in now. He also is showing how little he listens because Jason and Melissa said that the seal would still be used for official board related issues as well as police, attorney, tax collection and others. Having said that, I personally do not like the new logo but I think that something that represents “nothing” is much better than the county seal which represents something worse. Does anyone realize that the main focus of the seal is tobacco leaves? The use of tobacco is BANNED inside public buildings because it KILLS people. Hello! This is from the CDC: “More deaths are caused each year by tobacco use than by all deaths from human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), illegal drug use, alcohol use, motor vehicle injuries, suicides, and murders combined.” Is this how we want to represent PWC? I think not. Slavery is part of PWC’s heritage too but we would never put a racist symbol on our seal. We need bold leaders like Jason and Melissa to bring us to the modern age. Jenkins is the one who deserves a smackdown for not being willing to meet with Jason in the first place.

  2. Actually, Jenkins and others were shown the logo several months ago, BUT they were assured it was only going to be used by the Economic Development Dept., not this widespread use we see today. Even at that point, Jenkins told them that he hated it. Others merely said that if it was only going to be used by the Economic Development Dept. they didn’t care.

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