Republican Nominee EW Jackson answers Dem attacks

The lesson here should be: ALWAYS question whatever the Dems put out to attack a fellow Republican.

If you haven’t heard this interview on WMAL this morning, you need to give it a listen- whether you like EW, dislike him, or aren’t sure yet.

The key word here is: CONTEXT.


7 thoughts on “Republican Nominee EW Jackson answers Dem attacks

  1. Good interview! I hope he comes out on top. It’s going to take a long of convincing independents and even some open-minded Democrats.

  2. “The homosexual movement is a cancer attacking vital organs of faith, family & military – repositories of traditional values.” Jackson told WMAL he stands by what he’s said.

    “Nothing that I’ve ever said has been said in hatred or bigotry or anger or venom. I’m a minister, I speak theologically about some of these issues, and in theological context,” he claimed.

    You people are a cancer, but I don’t say that out of hatred or bigotry or anger. Just a fact.
    A surefire loser. Only question that remains is whether he takes Cuccinelli down with him.

    1. Republicans seem to be the only people able to separate movements and acts from the individuals themselves. You can love an individual but not condone their acts or movements. But since Democrats can’t separate the forest from the trees, this concept blows their minds.

    2. “You people are a cancer, but I don’t say that out of hatred or bigotry or anger.”

      Typical left wing dehumanization. Srvaughn, you really do hate us. At least admit that.

    3. Always the leftists twist one’s words to say what one did not say.

      They cannot deal with the truth, so they twist the truth into lies.

  3. The Homosexual movement openly embraced Marxist-Leninist organizing principles and tactics at it’s conception and unfortunately many of its most adamant adherents often bring a Bolshevik mentality to civil discourse.

    Just check the literature and oral history available from some of the pioneers of the movement e.g. Grandpa Walton.

    Because Jackson has a criticism of the ‘movement’ does not mean he hates Homosexuals, nor is he wishing on them, nor condemning them to eternal damnation.

    This is a debate long over due in American society, where it has become taboo to openly debate Homosexuality and the often extreme and ridiculously absurd absolutes which the MOVEMENT insists we all kneel.

  4. Talking to people like srvaughan is a waste of time. They have made up there minds. No point in disturbing them with facts or reason. They are too open minded to be impacted logic and the truth.

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