What happened to Joe May? Two Words—Corry Bliss

Joe May has completely lost his image as the nice grandpa who represents the 33rd House district in the Virginia House of Delegates.  His campaign has turned nasty, vicious, dark, and filled with lies about his opponent, Dave LaRock.   When Joe May decided to go dirty, he hired the best man  for the job, Corry Bliss (aka Corwin Bliss).

In 2010 Corry Bliss ran one of the most negative campaigns ever seen in Vermont when he was campaign manager for Republican candidate for Governor, Lt. Governor Brian Dubie.  The Connecticut Post said this about Bliss, “He ran an unsuccessful Republican gubernatorial race in Vermont in 2010 that political scientists there called notable for its negative attacks. Former Vermont Lt. GoBrian Dubie and Bliss wrote letters of apology to settle a libel lawsuit filed by a developer for their attacks during the campaign against Democratic candidate Peter Shumlin, now the state’s governor.”   More information on the lawsuit against Bliss here.   

Another article about Bliss and his involvement in another lawsuit: 

“Bliss came to Vermont by way of Virginia and, apparently, his style rubbed some Republicans in the Green Mountain state the wrong way. They still blame him for Dubie’s loss.

“Corry Bliss took a candidate that was up 20 points and turned him into a loser by election day,” said Bradford Broyles, a Republican activist from Mendon, a town in the central part of the state, near Killington. “We’re still repairing the damage to the Republican party…If Corey Bliss runs [McMahon’s campaign] like he did up here, hold on to your seats.”

Bliss didn’t lose Linda McMahon Senate race in 2012  by 20 points, but he did lose it by 12%, after being paid well over $200,000 and after Bliss’s use of highly questionable campaign tactics.  “The State Election Enforcement Commission has issued a warning to Republican U.S. Senate candidate Linda McMahon about her “deceitful tactics” in disseminating absentee ballot applications in the final days before Election Day”.  More details here.

Republican  Congressman Chris Shays said this about Linda McMahon’s campaign in Connecticut, ““The people advising her were thrilled to take her money, but they knew this was a long shot,’’ Shays said. “Corry Bliss, who ran her campaign, basically left Vermont in shambles, and he’s leaving Connecticut in shambles. But he’s got more money. He made more money.”  More here.

Some of you may remember when our Senator, Dick Black, ran against John Stirrup and Bob Fitzsimmons in 2011.  The race was close between Black and Stirrup when Stirrup hired Corry Bliss.  The Stirrup campaign then took a turn for the worse.  It was the beginning of the end for John Stirrup’s campaign.   Stirrup began sending awful, negative, campaign mailers.  They were dark, sinister looking, portraying Dick Black as dark and sinister.  The messages were very negative and very untrue.  Voters were upset.  It was the nail in the coffin for the Stirrup campaign because it changed voters views about John Stirrup.  He was no longer seen as the friendly, upbeat, nice guy, candidate, but seen as a negative, mean, deceitful, candidate.  Stirrup lost and Dick Black is now our Senator, the most consistent conservative in the Senate of Virginia.  Corry Bliss lost  the campaign for John Stirrup with his nasty, negative, campaign tactics.  Bliss did the same thing for Brian Dubie in Vermont and Linda McMahon in Connecticut.  Now Bliss is back in Virginia, working for Joe May.

What has Bliss brought to the May campaign?  Daily, dark, negative, misleading, sinister, mailers against Dave LaRock.  (One of my personal favorites is May complaining that Dave LaRock is a ‘millionaire developer”.  LaRock builds one or two homes a year!  Nothing like the huge developers that support Joe May and for whom he raised our taxes. Joe May could buy and sell Dave LaRock, his entire family, all of his friends and relatives.  Joe May is very, very, wealthy, a millionaire many times over and a very good friend of the big builders in Loudoun.)  Bliss is using the same strategies that he used in previous campaigns.  Every Bliss run campaign has failed.  Apparently he doesn’t learn from his past mistakes because he’s using the same negative campaign tactics in Joe May’s campaign.

Recently a volunteer group, Freedom Works, has printed signs and distributed them around the district in support of Dave LaRock.  Freedom Works is a group that supports lower taxes and smaller government.  They believe that lower taxes and less government means more freedom.  They believe that Joe May is the enemy of our freedom by his support of the largest tax increases in the history of Virginia.   The most recent of those massive tax increases will go into effect July 1st.  We will all pay 20% more in sales tax and internet sales tax is also in the bill that May supported and helped pass.   More information on Freedom Works can be found here.    People working for Joe May’s campaign have been observed removing the signs from roadways in the district.  Freedom Works volunteers went to Joe May’s headquarters  asking to get their signs back.  For their efforts, Joe May’s campaign staff called the police and had them arrested!  Typical bully tactics of a Corry Bliss campaign.  Everything about the current Joe May campaign makes him look like a bully.   It’s a shame.  Just like Bliss hurt the reputation of John Stirrup, Brian Dubie, and Linda McMahon, he is ruining the reputation of Joe May and Joe May is supporting it.  Republicans in the 33rd district are bombarded daily with negative, deceitful, mailers from May’s campaign.  His campaign office is staffed with bullies.   May’s image is tarnished forever.  Can any campaign be worth a ruined reputation?  Worse, the nasty, negative, smears do not work.   Just ask every other candidate who hired Corry Bliss to run a negative campaign.  Bliss is 0 for 3.  Bliss gets richer, leaving ruined republican candidates in his wake.  May hired Bliss and May’s ultimately responsible for the dark, nasty, negative, and deceitful direction that his campaign has taken.

Perhaps Joe May isn’t quite the nice guy we all thought he was?  So it would appear.

UPDATE:  The May campaign continues to take signs that belong to Freedom Works.  On rt 287, a road that runs through the 33rd district, Freedom Works has put up numerous of their red and white signs supporting LaRock.  In one instance they placed several of their signs on a large piece of private property, owned by a LaRock supporter.  The supporter’s lawn also has large a LaRock sign that has been damaged several times during the campaign.  The Freedom Works signs have been up for several days, perhaps as long as a week.   Today, all of those signs have been removed.  I look forward to snapping a few pictures of the thieves doing their nightly dirty work for Joe May.

Second UPDATE:  Surprisingly, with a record of 0 for 6 campaigns,  Corry Bliss continues to find employment!  And Vince Harris too, despite neither of them having EVER won a campaign.  Too funny!  We can now rest assured that Karen Handel won’t be the Senate nominee from Georgia!


21 thoughts on “What happened to Joe May? Two Words—Corry Bliss

  1. “His campaign office is staffed with bullies.”
    So let me get this straight. You’re calling all of the PHC kids and the local High School kids that are working for Joe bullies?
    I find that rather hilarious.

    1. Yeah, good point, We all know that Joe has hired scores of high school kids and college kids to work in his office. And we know that high school and college kids never bully anyone! Heavens no!

      Yet under Corry Bliss’s guidance they called to have young Freedom Works volunteers arrested for asking for their property that had been stolen by the people in that office! Yeah, I’d call that bullying. You may use whatever term you deem appropriate. Perhaps simply thieves? There are pictures of those nice May paid staffers removing pro LaRock signs on Harmony Church road and Rt 15 on May 19th and other instances also. I’m sure their Mamas are very proud of their little thieves. At least they’re earning their money, even if it’s less than legal and moral.

    2. Your mouth truly knows no bounds. Calling high school kids and PHC students bullies? Bringing their mothers into this? Wow, just wow. These words only re-enforce your ignorance to me.
      Just because someone disagrees with you doesn’t mean they’re wrong and therefore “bullies.”
      Did it ever occur to you that LaRock staffers were stealing May signs? BECAUSE THEY ARE. But you don’t talk about that do you? Nope. Clearly only one side is in the wrong here. Your lack of knowledge and general ignorance is astounding for someone writes as much as you do.

    3. Please stop this. It’s not amusing. We know that Joe May signed up a bunch of you Patrick Henry kids to work on his campaign and you are trying your best to remain loyal. I said that I stood corrected, the only bully in the office was the leader, Jon Conradi.

      I know you all think it’s cute to use my name. Although everyone in Loudoun knows my identity, I would prefer that you didn’t use my name. It’s not cute or clever. Since you can’t seem to control yourself, I will help you.

      NO Joe May signs have been stolen by LaRock staffers. NONE. If you know otherwise, please come forth with that evidence. We have evidence of the thefts by May’s campaign. The Purcellville police found the LaRock signs in Joe May’s office! There are pictures of May’s workers pulling up the anti-tax group signs. There is proof.

      Candidates who are caught behaving badly always point the finger and yell, “he did it too”, without ANY evidence. You kids need to stop believing everything Conradi and May tell you. We all know now that they are not honest men. Ask your Chancellor. He knows who is honest and he knows May is not.

      You might want to rethink your support for an immoral man who encourages illegal behavior among his staff. You might want reread the letter written by your Chancellor, Mike Ferris. He is a moral man who finally had to choose between two friends in this race. He was forced to choose because of Joe May’s immoral behavior. It’s not worth whatever Joe is paying you to associate yourself with men like Joe May and Jon Conradi. Just ask Mike Ferris. No one has been more disappointed in what has been revealed about Joe May than Mike Ferris. And I think your mothers would agree with him. No mother wants their child earning money from an immoral man who encourages illegal behavior.

  2. When Republicans engage in dirty campaign behavior, they may as well be writing licenses for the Democrats to do the same.

    We’re certainly not going to see a higher standard of behavior from Ds – so it’s up to us to insist on it, if there is any desire at all to rescue the political system from the sewer.

  3. Let’s all just take deep breaths and CALM THE EFF DOWN. Like seriously. We’re all adults (not fifth graders who are notorious for getting all bent out of shape over a boy or some dumb crap like that). Belligerent words and inflammatory rhetoric have never done anyone any good. In fact, if you pay attention to Plato, they mark they tyrannical soul – the kind of man who is swayed by his passions, not a desire for justice. Plato then says that a republic (which comes from the Latin compound word res publica, which means “the public affair” just in case you’re interested) can never last when tyrannical souls are found inside. We would do well to listen to him.

    My point is this – basically everybody on this blog, as well as the two candidates, are guilty of being tyrannical souls. I’m jus’ sayin’. BTW, if you don’t believe me, read Plato’s “The Republic”. I believe it’s book 3. 🙂

  4. I have yet to see Dave LaRock call for anyone’s arrest or send nasty, deceitful, mailers. ONE candidate has gone nasty and that’s Joe May.

    1. LL, nobody in this campaign has used more negative, hateful rhetoric than you. As far as bullying goes, your words have done more damage than any “sign stealing.” Despite the fact that Dave has been told the truth about Joe’s record multiple times he continues to say that Joe is pro-abortion. There has not been a more deceitful attack on either side during the entire campaign. Yet you and other LaRock supporters continue to ignore that fact in hopes of scoring a political victory. Good luck.

    2. Just what ‘fact’ is the campaign ignoring?. Joe May has a 75% approval rating from the National Abortion Rights Action League. He earned that approval, the second highest for a republican in Richmond with his votes int he House of Delegates. That’s just a fact. It’s right here: http://votesmart.org/interest-group/380/rating/6223#.UazwMEBJPNs Joe May is entitled to his own opinions, but not his own facts.

  5. I stand corrected, it wasn’t high school and college kids, it was Joe May’s campaign manager himself who took the signs from the roadways, and took them into May’s campaign office. Stay tuned for a post on what really happened later this evening. May’s campaign is not telling the truth about what incident. Hardly a surprised.

  6. Joe “earned the approval” of NARAL in one year for voting against a poorly written bill that the original supporter, Jill Vogel, pulled her support for. He supported, multiple times, the pro-life aspects of the bill. He has never received anything but a 0% from Planned Parenthood, has an AVERAGE NARAL rating of nearly 0%, and received consistent 90-100% ratings from the Virginia Society for Human Life. Finally, he does not have one objectively pro-abortion vote in his record.

    How’s that for facts? Oh, here’s another fact for you: even though you, Dave, Davies, and other LaRock supporters have seen all of this information multiple times before, you continue to say that Joe is pro-abortion.

    1. Joe May failed to support the recent pro life bills in the House of Delegates. He can spin it anyway that he chooses, but facts are facts. Concerned Women of America, a large pro life organization, has endorsed Dave LaRock. http://www.votelarock.us/2013/05/for-immediate-release-may-28-2013-for.html You can scream that May’s rating from NARAL is not true until all the cows in Purcellville come home and that still won’t make it true. Dave LaRock is 100% pro life and Joe May is not. That might also explain why Mike Farris has endorsed Dave LaRock and not Joe May. http://www.votelarock.us/2013/06/farris-endorsement.html

  7. The most recent pro-life bills in the House weren’t worth supporting. Just because you agree with the principle behind a bill doesn’t mean that you should vote for it or that it’s a good idea. The fact that Dave can’t understand this is one of the many reasons that I don’t think he’ll be an effective representative. I’ve never said that the NARAL rating “is not true.” I have, truthfully, said that one rating does not indicate whether a candidate is pro-choice, that Joe did not vote against the bill because he disagreed with the pro-life principle behind it but because it was simply a bad bill, and that his consistent ratings have been strongly pro-life. Joe has voted multiple times for ultrasounds, informed consent, statements that the fetus is human, and to redirect funds from Planned Parenthood to pro-life organizations–there’s nothing “pro-abortion” about his actual record. You can scream about one of Joe’s nine NARAL ratings until the cows come home, but it doesn’t make Joe any less pro-life.

    Dave LaRock has nothing to go on but words and has no real experience in politics. I fear that if he continues to deny the reason for and true meaning of Joe’s 2012 NARAL rating, it is an indicator that he will blindly vote for and propose bills that “sound” good but don’t practically work. That’s the last kind of representative we need.

  8. Americans for Tax Reform also had and will have more signs up. The first round went up just before the convention in Richmond and May supporters took them down within 48 hrs.

  9. I saw those signs, they were gone the next day. When will May call off his goons? I hope they realize that they can be arrested. Stealing is still illegal.

  10. Joe May violated the voter’s trust and he lost the election. Mr. LaRock won, and we need him to vote his conservative values for us in Richmond.

    1. Bliss is a scumbag. This is the third campaign that Joe has hired him as a consultant. Corry Bliss is now 0 for 5. He’s lost every campaign he’s consulted on. I have no idea why any politician hires Bliss.

  11. Jesus still loves you….you can pack your suitcases and head back to whatever rathole you crawled out of for this casmpaign. It is now over. We now see what Joe May is going to do for Dave Larock’s campaign against the dumbocrat.

  12. I live here, dude. Dave’s the one that got Freedom Works and their “out-of-state” people to help his campaign, so stop bashing PHC students for working for the candidate that they believed would better serve the 33rd. I truly hope Dave wins the general election because he’s much better than the democrat that’s running, but you and your Tea Party friends owe Joe and the rest of the 33rd an apology if Dave doesn’t pull it off.

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