Continued Desperation in Politics

Another funny mailer just made it’s way to the house.In it, Joe May’s desperate campaign just launched another lie. This time, they’ve insinuated that Dave Larock has been sued for fraud.

The truth is that LaRock and his wife sold a house…their own house… to a poor chap and his desperate quest to flip an already well-equipped home for a profit. This occurred at about the top of the housing market, but probably RIGHT AT THE TURN in the market.

When he purchased the house, he was cash poor, so the LaRocks bent over backwards to try to help him afford the house. In the end, God only knows what financing tricks this fellow  enlisted to afford the house. Then a tumbling market left him upside down.
His solution? Hit LaRock for insufficient electrical/workmanship quality and the likes.
And remember, that this is the house that LaRock personally lived in…not one of his builds, but the one he would move his family into. That was reason enough to look at the slub who bought at it with a microscope.
Now he blames the LaRock family. For his own creation. Go figure.

I have also been made aware that Joe May’s campaign is crying foul and claims that Larock is slinging mud. Nothing could be further from the truth. Joe May has an abysmal record of service, and pointing it out is completely within the foul lines. Anyone could find the same record with a quick search of the official record of his votes. He hikes taxes like a madman, he isn’t keen on pro-life issues, and he doesn’t exactly like gun owners rights, either. All of this is proven stuff, folks….to the letter of his past votes.

I also received two more pieces of mail today that are independent of Dave Larock’s campaign. A pro-life group sent out a list of questions to both candidates. Only Larock answered the questions.

A list of tax questions went out from a liberty organization to both candidates. Only Dave Larock answered that one.

Don’t be fooled by the outright lies and attacks on the character of Dave Larock. Send Joe May packing on June 11th.


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But do not be surprised when he runs as an Independent, either.



6 thoughts on “Continued Desperation in Politics

  1. Funny thing is LaRock hasn’t sent any flyers about Joe May being sued back in the 1990s, twice. Anyone can look it up, online.
    Connect the Dots.

  2. Why not? Has the time closed for independents to get on the ballot? Will Joe have to wait two years to run as an independent? He’s much closer to democrats, he really should just move over to that party.

  3. Joe May has refused to fill out the VCDL survey as requested. Delegate May is playing loose with the facts as far as his record on guns. As someone who knows a bit about this subject matter, let me tell you his record sucks.
    Sucks is a tad below dismal and barely above horrific on the Stone Scale of Freedom. Joe is so bad he could have given Jeannmarie a run for her money when she received the Bloomberg award as Nanny State politician of the year.

    1. The NRA rates Joe May C-, about as low as any republican can go. Very similar to his 75% rating from NARAL.

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