HHS Sec. Sebelius – The First Death Panelist

HHS Sec. Kathleen Sebelius, who will be at the center of implementation of Obamacare, yesterday ignored pleas from members of Congress and the parents of a 10-year old girl who will die from cystic fibrosis in 3 to 5 weeks without a lung transplant to sign a waiver allowing the transplant to occur.  Currently, rules do not allow anyone under the age of 12 to receive adult lungs although there is no solid medical science to back up such a ban and similar bans on kidney and liver transplants have been lifted.

Sebelius said that the ban on lung transplants should be studied and called this case “agonizing,” but refused to grant a waiver for 10-year old Sarah Murnaghan despite both of Pennsylvania’s U.S. senators – Democrat Bob Casey and Republican Pat Toomey weighing in on the family’s behalf.

Doctors are willing to perform the surgery.  Funds have been raised to cover the operation.  Willing donors have stepped forward to donate one of their lungs.  As U.S. Rep. Tom Price (R-Ga.), a medical doctor, stated, “[i]t simply takes your signature.”

Sec. Sebelius later uttered the chilling words, “someone lives and someone dies.”

Congratulations, Sec. Sebelius. You have become the first Death Panelist in U.S. history.


6 thoughts on “HHS Sec. Sebelius – The First Death Panelist

  1. This is one of the trashiest stories i have ever heard on local Hate Radio (WMAL). I tried to call WMAL this morning. The interchange between Sebellius and Rep. Price cut off Sebellius while Price was given the mike. Sebellius wsa simply cut off………The worst in sound bites…….lie on top of lie…….HATE OBAMA………BLAME EVERYTHING ON OBAMA……….

  2. Fifty or a hundred years ago no one would believe that the government, the federal government, would be making life and death health care decisions. How DARE they?!!! It’s disgusting. How soon will Americans being going to foreign countries for health care? Joining the British private health care system?

    1. This is another in a very long line of sound bites, half truths and misinterpretations by those whose sole purpose in life is shred the President’s goals. Hate Radio did not publicize Sebellius’ comments – and especially those stating the decision s/b made by a medical doctor and not herself ( and not by the political hack/doctor Price…….who took what dignity he has left to tear her down for not making a medical decision)

  3. The POINT on WMAL was why should the government be making this decision at all? Why can’t the medical profession be trusted with making the right decision here? So the government doctor (according to Sebelius) knows better than the patient’s own doctor? Puh-leaze!

    I thought it was all you leftists who wanted to keep the government out of private medical decisions here!

  4. I didnt say Sebellius said it s/be a government doctor making the decision. According to the 1/2 sound bite i heard before they shut Sebellius off, she said it was a medical decision. My point is that WE know 1/2 a story…Hate RADIO takes the 1/2 story and attempts to destroy Sebellius, Obama, Obamacare, the Heavens and Chuck Schumer……now, does ANYONE have a clue as to the whole story? Why cant private medicine just proceed? Why does Sebellius have to sign off on anything? Because Dr. Price and Larry O’Connor (WMAL Carnival Barker) say so!!! hohohohohoho

  5. It’s a death panel decision and a stupid one. This is a peak into all our futures. The government will decide, or a judge, if we get to live or not.

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