The Wussification of Chris Christie

NJ Gov. Chris Christie has become a complete wuss.  There, I said it.

I don’t care that he scheduled a special election for this year to fill the senate seat left vacant by the passing of Sen. Frank Lautenberg instead of appointing someone to hold the seat through the Nov. 2014 elections.  But here is where he has proven himself to be such a wimp.

First, Christie scheduled the special election for October 2013 at a cost of $24 million.  Had he waited just another month, he could have scheduled it to coincide with the Nov. 2013 general elections when he is on the ballot for governor and members of the NJ legislature are up.  One can only guess that he was concerned that a strong campaign effort in the senate race might hurt his own reelection prospects.  I guess in his mind that is worth the extra $24 million in taxpayer dollars.

Second, Christie is apparently leaving the seat vacant until the special election, saying that he didn’t feel that it was his job to put someone in the seat not elected by the people.  That is a total cop out.  That IS part of his job.  (In fact, that is exactly how the entire U.S. Senate was comprised until about 100 years ago.)  At least put in place a caretaker senator who won’t run in the special election so his state has full representation in the Senate.  He could easily tap former NJ Gov. Tom Kean for the 4-month gig.  Steve Forbes, Dick Zimmer, or even Christie Todd Whitman would all make good caretakers for the next couple months until a permanent replacement is elected.  (I’d even suggest a notable NJ Democrat if he can find one that isn’t in jail, under indictment, being investigated or tarred by scandal, so that leaves out Jon Corzine, Bob Torricelli and Jim Florio.)


4 thoughts on “The Wussification of Chris Christie

  1. Christie explicitly said at the press conference yesterday that he would be appointing someone to fill the seat until the October 16th election is decided and a new Senator-Elect is ready to be sworn into office, he just hand’t made that decision yet. (Keep in mind that barely 24 hours had passed since Lautenberg’s death was announced when he held that presser.) At the same time, he said that he didn’t intend to “dither” about that decision. I would expect to see him make an appointment in the next week to ten days.

  2. Look, the guy is a Republican in a blue state in the NE part of the country. Because of this, I’m willing to cut him some slack.

    1. I’m not. The Laut would not have even been elected except for his being put on the ballot as a replacement for The Torch against New Jersey election law.

      The Laut occupied that seat in violation of the law. Christie should appoint a replacement according to the law, and he should have the special election at the same time as the general election.

      He is a coward.

  3. Disagree on Christie Todd Whittman. She was a disaster for New Jersey and for the state GOP there. There’s a reason she barely won reelection and it has nothing to do with New Jersey’s “blue” tilt.

    As for Christie, I get why he did what he did, but it still stinks. He had two clear options, he picked door number three. It looks crassly political – and all about him. (Though it probably helps GOP state legislative candidates in NJ this year, but that’s a separate issue).

    And I say that as someone who loves the guy.

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