The 33rd District’s Most Wanted! Can you help identify Joe May’s thief?

Saturday night I drove Route 287 from Purcellville to Lovettsville.  At the intersection with Rt 9 I saw several signs placed by Americans for Tax Freedom and Freedom Works in support of Dave LaRock in his primary against Joe May on Tuesday.  Today all of the signs had vanished.  Now I know why.  This Joe May supporter (employee?) removed the signs.  Here he is, caught in the act.

Sign thief 2

Perhaps this view of the truck will help to identify the thief:

photo (2) truck


Do you recognize this thief?  You might recognize his truck, it is frequently seen after dark in the lot in front of Joe May’s campaign office in Purcellville,  next to Blooms.   Is he a employee of Joe May’s, or a volunteer?  I expect to find out shortly.  He has a beard and seems to be a middle aged man.  If you can identify this thief, please feel free to post his name in the comment section below this post.  Your identity will not be revealed, but his will.

Joe May’s campaign spent over $184,000 in the last TWO months!  Was Joe paying people like this guy to drive around the district stealing signs?!


11 thoughts on “The 33rd District’s Most Wanted! Can you help identify Joe May’s thief?

  1. You really think Joe enlists people to steal Dave’s signs? You’re going to discount the possibly that it’s just someone who’s angry at the offensive radicalism of the LaRock campaign? I’ve talked to many May supporters who have had their signs stolen as well–I’m sure Dave didn’t personally enlist the support of whoever took them. Stop grasping at straws and try to win cleanly.

    1. Hahaha, “try to win cleanly”! That’s hilarious coming from the May campaign, the one who just got caught stealing signs from Americans for Tax Reform and Freedom Works!

      The guy in the picture works at May’s campaign office! Go look, you’ll see his truck there most evenings. Oh wait, you already knew that. Never mind. lol

  2. I don’t know who this guy is, but I can tell you that he does not work in May’s office. Also, as much as you try to deny it, larock supporters have been taking May signs down or plastered them with larock bumper stickers, but do we blame Dave personally for it? No. Sometimes people do things in their own because they don’t like someone. Grow up.

  3. Stealing signs is chicken shit politics. The May campaign should be ashamed of themselves . Anyone who engages in sign theft does a disservice to the process. Joe knows better.

  4. So, they bash Larock for taking a sign ….and then they engage in the same pattern? Typical.
    Any law enforcement can readily identify the license plate and identify the thief, who is clearly violating the law in this pic.
    Oh yeah…..SIGNS DON’T VOTE, dumbass.

  5. This is a picture of someone breaking the law. And that person should be prosecuted to the maximum extent possible. Perhaps the Purcellville Police can stop by May’s headquarters tonight and arrest the individual. Maybe then May’s campaign will actually find out what a real arrest looks like.

  6. Campaign signs are permitted in VDOT right of ways, other signs are not. Perhaps this is just one of the former “Sign Vigilantes”. Just saying.

  7. Joe May will never be tied to the dirty politics his team has used. There will be no smoking gun because there never is. These deeds are done by those whom he has hired or appointed and those who are his loyal followers. Much like Obama will never be directly tied to the scandals of his administration. The only thing you can say is that those closest to him, who know his mind and his desires acted in this way. Much like in the movie, A Man for All Seasons, the King lets some of his loyal followers know he is distressed by the Archbishop of Canterbury, and those followers go out and kill the Archbishop. Did the King order it? No, but he was responsible because he selected his followers and spoke to them of his problems, and because of the nature of those whom he selected as his followers, the outcome was certain. So it is with Joe May. He disavowed an ethical campaign with the people he chose, and the ads he is running, and this is the result.

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