What Does Aneesh Chopra Know About PRISM?

The Jackson campaign asks a very interesting question — one that Democratic primary voters should want an answer to before they vote tomorrow.

What Did Aneesh Chopra Know About Government Surveillance of its Citizens?

For Immediate Release:
June 10th, 2013

CHESAPEAKE, VA – E.W. Jackson for Lieutenant Governor campaign manager Greg Aldridge today released the following statement on Aneesh Chopra’s role as Barack Obama’s Chief Technology Officer:

“When Barack Obama announced Aneesh Chopra as his technology czar in 2009, President Obama said the position would include promoting technological innovation to help ‘keep our nation secure,’” said Jackson for Lieutenant Governor campaign manager Greg Aldridge. “As more information becomes public concerning the government’s efforts to monitor its own citizens in violation of the Fourth Amendment, Virginians have a right to know: What did Aneesh Chopra know about the PRISM program and other federal government efforts to archive our telephone conversations, e-mail and internet activity? If Aneesh Chopra can not stand up to his boss in the White House for the privacy of American citizens, how can Virginians trust him as Lieutenant Governor?”The news regarding the PRISM program and Verizon turning over customer data has spotlighted the issue of the federal government’s spying on the phone records, email communications, and internet activity of the American people.


6 thoughts on “What Does Aneesh Chopra Know About PRISM?

  1. Problem with this story and press release is not reminding people WHO Aneesh Chopra is and why he is relevant. I don’t know. While the newest, strongest information should be up front, before the statement concludes you should remind people of the basics and don’t assume people know all these details.

  2. Chopra shows himself to be an economic idiot when his big issues are raising the Minimum Wage (putting even MORE poor people out of work — gee, THANKS) and the “equal pay for equal work” bollocks.

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