BREAKING! LaRock and Berg Roll Over May and Sherwood

Virtucon endorsed candidates David LaRock and Mark Berg have WON their respective GOP primaries over 20-year incumbents Joe May and Beverly Sherwood.

Congratulations to LaRock and Berg on their victories!!!


5 thoughts on “BREAKING! LaRock and Berg Roll Over May and Sherwood

  1. Dont know about Sherwood, but Joe May ran a really poor campaign, relying on a rogue political consultant who lost more races for Republicans it seems. May blew it with the mailer on LaRock taking down X-rated bookstore sign. Then, the owner of the X-rated bookstore wrote a letter to the editor essentially backed May! Who needs that kind of endorsement in a Republican primary? May also relied on a bunch of out-of-state “kids” to do his ground game. May had all these endorsements from elected officials, but did not utilize these folks, it seems. LaRock had local people helping him and hit May on the key issues. The Mike Farris endorsement helped, too. Hope LaRock makes a good delegate because he’s going to win in November.

    1. I beg to differ on the local elected officials not being utilized. Frank Wolf was utilized in most of Joe’s puff piece mailers and Frank WILL suffer blowback because of his association with Joe’s vile campaign tactics. Congressman Wolf is another career politician who needs to retire. Thank you for your service to the district Congressman Wolf, please step aside. Delegate May, thank you for your service to the district. Good Luck with your future inventions!

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