Election Officials Attempting to Sway the Vote in the 33rd district?

According to this article in the Loudoun Times Mirror, election officials in western Loudoun are making very inappropriate comments about today’s primary election between Joe May and Dave LaRock.  From the article “A number of election officials said they believe many Democrats are crossing party lines to keep incumbent Del. Joe May in office, therefore the Democrat vote in western Loudoun has been low.”  How would any election official know this unless they were looking over the shoulder of a voter as they voted?  Western Loudoun is a very republican area.  It’s not surprising that republican voters far outweigh democrat voters.  Dave LaRock supporters are very motivated to get to the polls.  Election officials have no way of knowing if those asking for a republican ballot are republicans or democrats, without asking them.  Such comments by election officials are very inappropriate.  It would appear to be wishful thinking on their part, but voters are not supposed to know how election officials feel about the candidates in the election.   Election officials are supposed to be impartial!  Apparently not in Loudoun county.

It gets worse, the precinct chief in Leesburg’s district 501, Bob Merhaut said this ““A lot of people are thinking that, coming in, they’ll vote for Joe May,” he said. “People put up signs in their yard for Joe May to support him, but they can’t vote for him” because they don’t live in the House of Delegates 33rd District.””  Oh really?  Voters in Leesburg’s district 501 only support Joe May and not Dave LaRock?  This from the head of a precinct!  Outrageous, simply outrageous.

Imagine this headline on November 6,

“Elections officials are reporting that there is heavy turnout in traditionally Republican precincts and a lot of Republicans are showing up to vote for Terry McAuliffe.”   That’s exactly what these officials are saying today.  They have absolutely no way of knowing why voters are requesting republican ballots or who they are casting their vote for.  Or do they?   This does not bode well for an impartial election in the 33rd district of Virginia.



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  1. Everybody does it……………so it must be right………………..just another reason for a constitutional convention and clean up all of the crap……

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