Jackson Defeats Chopra

Just how influential is E.W. Jackson?

In a fight between Aneesh Chopra and Ralph Northam, he wins.

Jackson can beat candidates in the other party’s primary that he isn’t even running in.

He can beat the candidate running in that primary who served as the Chief Technology Officer of the United States under President Obama.

On paper, Chopra should have cruised to the Dem LG nomination — tech savvy with access to all the Obama campaign’s voter data and fundraising lists.

Then Jackson pounded Chopra for his role in the Obama administration where one of his duties as stated by the president was to “keep our nation secure” and raising the question of what Chopra had to do with the PRISM snooping program and the systematic violation of Americans’ Fourth Amendment rights.

Game over.

Say goodbye to your political aspirations, Chopra.  You’re toast.

Just hope that Jackson doesn’t eat you for breakfast with some jam.

Next in line, Ralph Northam…


9 thoughts on “Jackson Defeats Chopra

  1. I like the fact that Mark Berg and Dave LeRock, both solid conservatives, just primaried out entrenched incumbents. Feeling a while lot more confident about November.

  2. Jackson’s the best thing that has happened to Virginia Democrats in recent years…..no need for us to campaign with opponents like Jackson!!! onward Terrry, Northam and Herring!! great team…… vs. Cooch, Jackson and Obenshain!!!! hohohhohohho

  3. Go ahead and take a pass on campaigning. The GOP will campaign nonstop between now and November and will win a solid majority.

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