My thoughts on Ed Snowden…

…can be best gleaned from my China e-Lobby posts (here and here).

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7 thoughts on “My thoughts on Ed Snowden…

  1. This ain’t the 1950s, or even the 1980s anymore.

    A totalitarian state China may be, but what then does that say about the US when you are six times as likely to be imprisoned by the government here as in China?

    If you think Snowden is a Chinese agent, you’re barking up the wrong tree. Hong Kong makes sense as a destination for a variety of reasons, one of which that even as a Chinese territory it is far more serious about protecting its freedoms than the United States is. And China is one of only a handful of states that can say no to a US demand to turn him over to be tortured and indefinitely detained here.

    Also HK’s amnesty laws were suspended by a court so no one can be extradited from Hong Kong if they claim amnesty, until that issue is settled.

    If I needed to flee the US government HK would be high on my list of potential destinations, too, for these compelling and logical reasons.

  2. Really, Alex? Have you never heard of the CCP prison labor camps? Or medicalization? Or “drinks with tea” (and other interrogation techniques)? Things that this won’t show up on imprisonment records.

    If you really think Hong Kong’s Communist-appointed government “is far more serious about protecting its freedoms than the United States is”, then you clearly haven’t been paying attention for the sixteen years since the handover.

    You don’t have to defend the Verizon order and PRISM (I think the former is too broad, likely the latter, too) to know that the Chinese Communist Party is *not* the preferred host for lovers of freedom.

    1. I see you still haven’t wrapped your head around the fact that in 2013, torture (including sexual torture such as crushing testicles as an interrogation method – bit rougher than that tea you were talking about) and assassinations are the OFFICIAL policy of the US government and we are notorious worldwide for it.

      China’s record is not good, but it is better than today’s Nazi America, where the FBI can execute a witness in a high-profile case and nobody asks any questions.

    2. Oh also, the United States also has prison labor camps – more than the CCP has. Chew on that one a bit – that’s the reality of today’s America. Time to dispense with nostalgic illusions and deal with the facts on the ground, which is that we have a Fascist government operating in open contempt of the Constitution.

  3. @DJ McGuire – If you and I are not in the same universe, it’s you who has moved from the real one. I got nearly identical reactions to the one you have expressed here, as recently as a few months ago – when I was talking about things like government spying and political corruption of the federal apparatus.

    Yesterday’s “parallel universe” is today’s front-page news. Escapist, propaganda-driven delusions are no defense against the ruthless nature of the real world, so it’s high time you took seriously that scenarios like 1984 or Brave New World really can happen and they are happening in the here and now, in our country.

    It CAN happen here, D.J and it is happening here. Say ‘hi’ to the NSA which has already recorded the fact that you read this reply, and the precise time and date when you read it, and take a 99.99% guess as to how long it took you to read it.

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