Jackson Just Made Odds Of GOP Senate Control BETTER

As Meatloaf sang, “Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad…

Virginia Republicans and the Senate Republican caucus in particular owe E.W. Jackson a huge “thank you” for injecting himself into the Democratic primary for LG and helping torpedo Aneesh Chopra’s candidacy by linking him to the exploding PRISM domestic spying program scandal.

November now has three potential outcomes for control of the Virginia State Senate:

Jackson wins – GOP wins all ties
Ralph Northam wins – GOP wins Northam’s seat, GOP wins outright every time
Northam wins – GOP loses Northam’s seat, Dems win all ties

That’s 2/3 in our favor.


Jackson wins – GOP wins all ties
Chopra wins – Dems win all ties

The GOP’s odds of retaining the Senate majority just went up from 50% to 67%.

You’re welcome, RPV…


5 thoughts on “Jackson Just Made Odds Of GOP Senate Control BETTER

  1. thaat jackson is soooooooooooooooo wonderful….i had the oppty to tell wmal listeners this morning what a great guy the Bishop is!!! hohohohhohoh

  2. I’m highly skeptical that this had much of an impacted on the Democratic primary one way or another. That said, I agree that Northam’s primary win is generally speaking better for us than if Chopra had been the nominee.

    Speaking of Jackson, I liked that he had a discussion the other day about his past problems (the bankruptcy, drug use, etc.) I think that type of thing is humanizing to voters and helps a candidate get out in front of potential issues. Best to address it all now.

  3. Jackson demonstrated guts. He answered every question. He dodged nothing. Most pols say something highly scripted like, “I smoked, but I did not inhale.”

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