Thanks, Democrats

Tuesday’s abysmal turnout for the Democrat statewide primary provides an occasion to assess DPVA’s latest gift to the taxpayers of Virginia.

For roughly 3% turnout, state and local government costs for administering the election equaled about $4 million. Stated another way, the 144,000 voters that showed up each cost the taxpayers about $27. In some localities, the cost per voter was extraordinary. For example, in Craig County, a primary election costs local government about $15,000 to administer. But only 52 people voted in the Democrat primary across the entire county, meaning Craig County laid out an astounding $288 per voter. In a county with an all-volunteer Fire & Rescue system, where they have trouble being able to afford to maintain and buy life-saving equipment, the Democrats’ choice to impose a primary on the taxpayers is especially burdensome, and has potential real life-and-death consequences.

The pointlessness of the expenditures were felt even in larger counties. In Stafford, we had two precincts with 14 total votes cast. In more densely populated Leesburg, there was a precinct with only 7 voters all day long. These are fully-staffed with election workers paid with taxpayer money.

By contrast, the statewide GOP nominations cost the taxpayers precisely $0. Yes, I know there were local and HOD Republican primaries at the same time (and included within the same overall cost), but these are primarily a product of Virginia’s incumbent protection law that allows incumbents a great deal of latitude to pick their own nomination method. Bottom line is that it says something good about the GOP that we actually care about not foisting the costs of our own internal statewide nominating process on the taxpayer, unlike the Democrats.


9 thoughts on “Thanks, Democrats

  1. My mother-in-law is an election officer in a precinct in SWVA coal country. 5 people voted, 4 of whom were the election officers. Several other precincts were in the single digits and in one precinct not a single Democrat soul thought there was any need to vote. In the county a grand total of 220 people voted


  2. At least Democrats allowed everyone to vote and do so in their hometowns, as opposed to having an exclusive convention in Richmond.
    But you enjoy “Rev.” Jackson. He’s awesome.

    1. Yes, Bishop Jackson is awesome! A wonderful conservative who will keep our taxes down and keep the government out of our lives!

    2. Nothing exclusive about a convention. It just requires effort, commitment and some sacrifice. I know, I know those three words and “Democrat Low Information Voter” just do not mix.

      I bet if one polled the state and the question was “Do you want to spend $27M in a primary no one cares about, or would you prefer to spend $0 so the DPV, a private organization, can conduct a mass meeting r a convention” The answer would be ‘interesting.’

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