Cannibalism does not win elections

E.W. Jackson
E.W. Jackson

In the wake of the convention nomination of Bishop E.W. Jackson as our candidate for Lieutenant Governor, some Virginia Republicans are trying to distance themselves from the number two on our ticket.

For years, Conservatives have been chastised to “get behind the ticket” even though the candidates often did not share our values, and for years we have dutifully supported those who were chosen by our party, no matter if in convention or by primary.

Now that we have a conservative ticket chosen in convention, the party establishment wants nothing to do with one of our candidates, and in typical Republican fashion we are eating our own in public.

Rep Scott Rigell

Congressman Scott Rigell from 2nd District has come out publicly endorsing Ken Cuccinelli and Mark Obenshain, but refuses to embrace the entire ticket, even though he and  E.W. Jackson are on the same side of most issues.

He has stated he will vote for Jackson, but that is of little value if his public actions demonstrate he does not support him. If Rigell and others are allowed to publicly snub Jackson, this will ultimately be used by Democrats as a sign that the party as a whole does not support his candidacy or conservatives in general.

Jackson carried every ballot at the convention, and the idea that he was not the choice of the party is not supported by the facts. He won fair and square, and the old guard of the RPV cannot be allowed to attempt a rout of conservatives by insuring our candidate loses the general election.

VATPA_LogoThe Hampton Roads Tea Party and the 912 1st Landing Patriots, with the assistance of the Virginia Tea Party Alliance PAC have decided to do something about this.

Below is the letter that is going out to Republican voters across the 2nd District:

Are you tired of establishment Republicans walking away from true conservative candidates who the people chose as their candidate?

Do you want to send a signal that we will not sit by idly while these same Republicans ruin the chances of our chosen candidate to win his election?

Congressman Scott Rigell has chosen to endorse Ken Cuccinelli and Mark Obenshain while not endorsing Bishop E W Jackson. Why? Because he stands for the same thing that Scott says he does, the Defense of Marriage Act. Congressman Rigell, unlike Bishop Jackson, is more afraid of the mainstream media than he is of his own constituents.

Help the Hampton Roads Tea Party and the 912 1st Landing Patriots change that!

Next week, with your help, we will be making robo calls to everyone in the 2nd District to tell Congressman Riggell to rethink his position and stand behind the ENTIRE Republican ticket.

For every $30.00 you contribute, we can make 1,000 calls. Think of that! For only $30.00, you can let 1,000 Second District Republican voters know you stand for the entire Republican ticket while their Congressman does not!

Help us today by visiting the Virginia Tea Party Alliance website and show the Establishment across the state we are not going to take their business as usual anymore!!!


14 thoughts on “Cannibalism does not win elections

  1. Ahh the tired old “establishment” trope. The perfect way to build unity! Because Rep. Scott Rigel = every Republican in Virginia.

    And let’s not go into the “clear choice of Republican voters”. More like a clear choice of a distinct (tiny) minority who were able to schlep to Richmond for a day.

    Those who live in glass unity houses shouldn’t throw stones.

    1. Did you schlep NHF.B?

      If not, why not if you care that much?

      I’m sure you have a good excuse; not that there’s anything wrong with that, but we all have lives. I had better things to do than spend 16 hours in a convention hall in Richmond, but I invested my time to participate.

      Fact is, the establishment (yes, that’s exactly what they are) did everything they could to prevent a conservative from winning; not just Jackson, any conservative.

      Hell, they did not want convention in the first place. In fact, if the establishment had their way we would have Bolling as our gubernatorial candidate, right?

      Better I guess to let all the folks who don’t want to be bothered to do anything but vote, and of course the Democrats who are happy to come out and vote in our primaries, pick our candidate.

      Keep your “old establishment trope” trope…

  2. I attended the convention, and I don’t see whats the point of trying to force an elected official to endorse a certain candidate. Scott was elected to represent the constituents of the 2nd Congressional District in Congress, not to represent only the Republican party. If y’all have a disagreement with him on public policy issues, that’s understandable to be upset with him about who he decides to endorse, that just comes across as nitpicking. I mean we all signed the GOP creed to support the GOP nominee, and from what I am seeing, it appears Congressman Rigell is still standing by that creed. In my opinion, we shouldn’t sit here and just continue to bicker about who was endorsed by which elected official, we should maintain focus on getting the ticket elected, and not let some Congressman, whose opinion doesn’t affect my decision of who I am supporting in November. That’s just my personal observation of the whole situation.

    1. Who is asking him to endorse? I just want Scott to not volunteer to do the Democrats bidding. Conservatives are admonished to get behind the ticket when it is some sorry SOB like McCain or Romney, but when it is time for the moderates to support a conservative … they go running as fast as they can to the nearest reporter and start tearing the guy down.

      Scott Rigell, please shut up. Actually a public apology for opening your fool mouth would be appreciated first. Then shut up. Talking out of school an consorting with the enemy is hardly being a good soldier for the party. Actually Rigell gave a classic demonstration of what it is to be a weasel.

  3. Mr. Rigell, You might want to contact Joe May and Beverly Sherwood about what happens to politicians who play games with Conservatives in general and Tea Parties in particular. Evidently, having Bill Howell guarding your back doesn’t mean much any more. Can you spell “PRIMARIED”.

  4. I noticed in the results of the convention that E. W. Jackson pretty much swept the 2nd District Delegations. The time for Rigell to act has pretty much passed. If he had problems with Jackson he should have acted before the Convention. Does he have actual influence on the actual activists in the 2nd District?

  5. Oh the joy of it all. Sgt., with all your wisdom, i believe you really went out on a limb here… did the entire ‘convention’……..sure will make for an interestinng campaign. Hopefully we will not sit on the sidelines delighting in this republican folly…….but, we shall again overcome…….

  6. Who are Rigell’s advisers/consultants? Who told him to take this route? He’s getting terrible advise, just ask May and Sherwood how well it works when you don’t support conservative voters when you represent a conservative district.

  7. Great point about the moderates running and screaming like their hair is on fire when asked to support an actual conservative. Truer words haven’t been spoken. Joe May was low-hanging fruit. Howell’s year is bound to show up, and Rigells will , too.
    My only advise to the TEA Party types….pick your battles. Analyze, sort for weakness, and then move in for the kill when the timing is optimal.

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