Five Best Schools in Fairfax County?

Only 5 schools in Fairfax county have been granted 3 year accreditation waivers from the Virginia Department of Education due to their high scores on state mandated testing.  All 5 schools have earned pass rates of 95% on the last two years of Standards of Learning (SOL) tests.

Three elementary schools qualified, Westbriar, Haycock and Wolftrap.  Westbriar and Haycock are magnet schools for the Advanced Academic Program (previously called the Gifted and Talented program) and Wolftrap has its own AAP program.  Rachel Carson middle school also qualified for the waivers and it also houses a magnet program for  Advanced Academic Programs.  Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology was the only high school to qualify for the 3 year waivers.   Thomas Jefferson draws from the best and brightest in Northern Virginia and is often ranked as the best high school in the country.

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