NHS’ facade of respectability crashing down around it

As if yesterday’s revelations weren’t enough, a member of the British health systems Care Quality Commission – the folks who are supposed to make sure the government monopoly health system is on the up-and-up – admitted to more rot beneath the surface (Telegraph, UK).

…one of the CQC’s former senior inspectors told The Daily Telegraph that investigations into other potential scandals had been “stopped, diluted, or the findings buried” — because senior officials were intent on suppressing bad news.

Dr Heather Wood, who led the investigation which uncovered the Mid Staffordshire Hospital Trust scandal, in which up to 1,200 people died, accused the CQC of operating under a “culture of fear, which mimicked the very worst aspects of the NHS”.

She said: “I think that their whole intention was to suppress any more stories which might be in the Mid-Staffs league.”

As for yesterday’s news – that the CQC erased its own report into horrid conditions at Morecambe Bay – the Commission refused to reveal who was behind the deletion, citing “data protection laws” – an excuse the Information Commissioner quickly flushed down the tubes.

For the uninitiated, Britain’s National Health Service has become woven into its sense of national identity (much like Canada’s own government monopoly), as well as an inspiration to lefties in the United States. It is becoming more and more clear that the NHS’ reputation was far, far better than was deserved.

As Robertscare takes hold next year, most of the left will respond to any and all deficiencies in it by insisting on an NHS-like system. It behooves us all to remember what has been revealed across the pond over the last few months.

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  1. You mean government bureaucrats are lying to the public? Shocking! I have never heard of such a thing before. Government is the paragon of virtue and efficiency. How did this happen? Did the British install Republicans into management positions for their highly touted free health care system? It must be GW’s fault somehow.

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