Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio Witch Hunt Yields Nothing

After a Special Grand Jury investigation  lasting over 6 months interviewing 31 witnesses and hundreds of pages of material, no charges will be brought against Sterling Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio.

At the end of the investigation the Arlington Commonwealth Attorney Theo Stamos,  who was in charge of proceedings, declined to ask the Grand Jury to hand down any indictments.  There simply wasn’t evidence of crimes having been committed.  Page 6 of the Special Grand Jury report states ““there is no solid evidence” of the basic charge of improper fund raising”.   On page four the report states “Despite the suspicions, the aide has no absolute proof of wrongdoing.”

Supervisor Delgaudio’s attorney, Charles King issued a statement explaining the Special Grand Jury actions.  That statement can be found here.

So why was a Grand Jury impaneled when there was never evidence to charge Supervisor Delgaudio?  As we all know, a Grand Jury can, and will, indict a Ham Sandwich.  Yet in this very, very, costly case, there was no evidence to indict Eugene Delgaudio.   Why were millions of taxpayer’s dollars wasted on this witch hunt?  Was it all because of the Washington Post’s series of charges against Eugene Delgaudio?  Charges, with no merit.  Who in Loudoun fed the information to the Post, encouraged the series of articles, and pressed for a Grand Jury?  One need look no further than our own elected officials in Loudoun.   Millions of dollars wasted on this witch hunt.

Special Grand Jury report here.  Since when do Grand Juries recommend changes in the law?

More herehere and here.


12 thoughts on “Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio Witch Hunt Yields Nothing

    1. The chief antagonist in this costly endeavor was Tag Greason’s opponent – Liz Miller. She and her husband Stevens have been in this up to their eyeballs since the beginning.

    1. I did read the report Jon, the money quote “one significant reason that the Jury was not asked to return an indictment is a result of limitations imposed by the Code of Virginia.”
      So in English this means, “He did not break the law.”

  1. The sad thing is that the Millers and Weintraubs won’t stop. They will keep hunting the white whale of their collective psyche.

    But good for Eugene…and what an incredible waste of time.

    1. All those people wasting all those months of their time, and all those months of taxpayer’s money.

  2. Nice analolgy, Rob. I chuckle when I see stupidity like what has been exhibited by the Weintraubs and the Millers…. all over “percieved” (read —they FEEL there was a crime) violations, as opposed to those that are provable.

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